Holiday Photoedit (huge stream)

in dlive •  6 months ago


Hello again everyone!

It's been quite a long time since I've been using Steem, or streaming on DLive. So this time I'm going to edit all those Summer photos I took when I was not on Steem. There'll be a lot of them, so I figure this stream will be somewhat long(ish).

I'll likely do a separate photo post for the ones I'm going to publish online.

My live stream is at DLive

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Hello! Good to see you back!
Just using my mobile phone right now, I am in the train.
The first photo just makes me very hungry!! That’s a very big strawberry tart. But the cactus really puts me off salad dish! Too spiky!



Yea one should generally not eat cacti. :)

Wow it's a beautiful photography of your pet snake! Sorry, I really forget her name! Nice to see your photography collection again!



Her name is Kiemurainen, or Kiemis if you want to use the short form. :)

Thanks for the nice words. :)


"Kiemis" now I got it! I hope to see more photography of your latest experiences! Great to see ya in action! Steem on!


fantabulous greats edits👌👍

This program should be tested.
And you've been in front of your computer for more than three hours. Bravo.


@eii cannot upvote - 12 hs from payout.

Wao sir such a amazing photography......wonderful photography of kiemis..The kiemis looks so beautiful.....And your editing is so fabulous....your are a very good editer.. .Your collections of photography is so fabulous......thanks for sharing..