Ahhaha... I tried my 1337 editing skills and created this!

in photography •  last year 


Super moon

Omg, I'm terrible.

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Moon is so close ..you reduced the distance..beautiful photo by the way..snowy weather and the beautiful lamps...

Good work sir, you did well! Where is the lycanthrope?

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah, you're right, it definitely lacks lupines. I wonder if there are some talented people here to add some werewolves to the picture. I'm already juiced out, so I'll be going to bed, but I will leave it up to you guys to pleasantly surprise me tomorrow morning with some wolfy action here. ;P

And thanks for the compliment! :)


It is times like these I most regret not being a graphics nerd.

  ·  last year (edited)

I would like to do it but I have zero talent about editing photo :) I hope someone can do it!


What city are you from ? I've never been able to see a moon of that size. It leaves me amazed.

It looks pretty good, maybe darkening the image a bit more to simulate that later in the night it would be better

But personally I think that the effect is quite well achieved

Hey friend. In what planet do you live ?. My moon is not like that. You are privileged.


Hahaha, lunar privilege. That's a good one! :D

Could be worse man, could be worse.

Is this moon right ? :O


The moon is on the right, yes. :)

Moons! More, bigger - better! :D
It's a good sign, you should produce a couple more moons, for a good luck!

The moon today is so huge and so romantic.
Maybe I should open a bottle of wine. Maybe I will feel better.

Wow great editing man. And such a huge moon could bring disasters on earth man. And overall great editing.

  ·  last year (edited)

that's not bad

Hey you even got it behind the tree! Well done, seriously!


Heh. I had to move it behind the branches, because for some odd reason the tree itself didn't want to become opaque enough. I'm sure there is a way to fix it, but I was too tired to think last night. Maybe if I painted the forground layermask on top of the moon by hand it would work?

  ·  last year (edited)

I actually thought it was real till I read comments about editing.

Can you imagine the tides on a world with a moon like this? I like it, it could be the cover for a sci-fi novel. :)

Here's my first attempt with a giant moon which I now find embarrassing :

The Eagle and the Moon copy.jpg

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks! Hey, that's cool. I don't think you should be embarrassed about the edit, it's very beautiful. It's the falcon handler who should've tried turning the falcon face toward the lens who should be embarrassed I think. Maybe [s]he forgot you were taking photos of his her magnificent creature. :)

(Edit: She, not "he", I was writing the comment on a mobile phone so I couldn't see the ponytail as it went off the edge. ;)

(Edit2: I wonder, it's actually an eagle?)


Yes, that's a bald eagle. So I'll critique my own shot... technically it might be ok...ish. The problem I have with this is artistically it's on the same level as a gaudy portrait of Elvis, painted on black velvet. :)


Ah, what you mean is it is kitch? That may be true, but it is certainly very good quality for kitch.

Seems the moon obsession continues hehe. Looks dangerously close though.. :P

OMG, elite language. FABULOUS IMAGE EDITION !!

More than a super moon, it is a super super photography. it looks like picture postcard.

Friend I want to make a parentecis (to thank,) really thank you, that God, so that, multiply everything in a lot of success. for you and your whole family.

Why not edit the Death Star into the picture instead of the Moon? The Death Star is the size of a small moon anyway, so it would probably look believable.


I haven't yet had the chance of photographing a Death Star yet, I'll definitely photograph one if I happen to see them. :)

So what do you think @sadpotato should I add a spaceship to this one too?

My! Your moon looks like an alien invasion in a sci-fi film! This looks surreal! You could edit more colours and people will thingkthis is a film poster!


haha isn't bad it seems realistic I like your editing experiment but maybe you caused a tsunami somewhere in the world: D

btw what do you meant by 1337 editing skills :o, I didnt get you :D anteksi


It means I have 1337 editing skills. :)

That's not bad at all dude, nice job! Which software do you use for that? Imagine how cool would it be if Saturn was close as Mars?


Excellent recommendation.

I still think it looks great. 1337 is something I haven't heard for awhile!

A bit supersized. The editing looks good on this low resolution. :-)

Only an imaginative and very skillful person can do that. The outcome is superb. 10/10

No buddy it sure looks pretty amazing !

Well buddy I am not much of a photographer

But i do like to take images ,what do you think of the images that I took via mobile though !




While I will be sharing them in the coming posts of mine :)

Your opinion matters buddy !

  ·  last year (edited)


About those photos of yours...

There's a nice sunset, but your camera is not level. Next time try keep the camera straight? I love that tiny white spider in the flower. I think a close-up or a macro shot of that would have been very nice. A close-up of the flowers would also be nice. :)


Thanks buddy ,Will keep those things in mind for the next time ;)

@gamer00 The white and beautiful of the moon combined with the icy atmosphere and the mansion makes your picture something very special. Congratulations

What does the 1337 means? I like the bluish nature of the picture.


@xyanthon - Sir your photography skills are extraordinary good, but your editing skills are so weak Sir... :)



Hahaha! You do realize all my photos are edited in post? It's just the photomanipulation stuff I'm not too good at. ;)

Wow....such a wonderful.and interesting camera click by @gamer00
Execellent edting my dear friend....you are right...this is "Super Moon"
Wel done and perfect work...

Awesome pic, you have good editing skills

It's great editing, very nice view of full moon and home.
Thanks jaro

a very beautiful picture my friend @gamer00 .
The temperature is very low in your country , We are here in my city I have not seen snow for almost 13 years .

excellent photography @gamer00

Pretty cool photography @gamer00.

  ·  last year (edited)

your editing skills are far better !
i would have made it more terrible!
this is quite a beautiful place though

spectacular looks like a postcard taken at the exact moment is very nice and I really enjoy it

and that life treats you kindly

i dont see nothing wrong. beautiful house with beautiful view

Dear friend is a scene adorable and very tender image, congratulations

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It really is a nice job. U really needed to go through comments to realise its not real. Again a supermoony great job.

At first glance, I thought it was real. Excellent work!

Wow....it is really beautiful.... good works sir ....go ahead....

The moon looks so close yet still awesome.
Cool photoshoot though, I love snows it quite sad it does not fall in my country.

your editing skills worked. that's why we can see a moon in that photography. @gamer00

resteemed & upvoted

Full moon very closed to earth..Romantic scenery outside background.

Wonderful photo my friend really incredible, my friend could give me your point of view in my last publication I only ask you a comment nothing of Upvote or reSteem.