Revealing the secrets behind my work ... Photoshop as art II

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Since it has been almost 7 months ago since I shared some "info" about my way of editing photographs, I thought it might be a good time to do it again for all the photography/editing lovers out here on Steemit.

For those who are new to my blog, I see photography in a different way than others do. I truly believe in photography as art, but I think the postproduction of an image has a much more significant influence in the artistic content of the final product. But don't get me wrong, there are many genres in photography that don't necessarily require this post-processing. They are a piece of art in themselves. I've specifically chosen this genre of beauty because I love the contradiction of it. 

People always try to become these supermodels on the covers of magazines because they always look "perfect". The fact is, as most of us already know, that they only look perfect because they are made perfect. This perfection, that is created through postproduction, is for me the correct description of Photoshop as art. 

I've been practicing for years to master these "editing skills". It all started at the age of 7. I was fascinated about the possibility of manipulating photographs through Photoshop. By following many tutorials and studying the work of other remarkable photographers, I finally got to where I am on this day. 

My work isn't and will never be perfect, because I believe there isn't such thing as real perfection. But you can get close to it through Photoshop. I also believe that by finding your own recognizable technique (in all art forms), you'll be able to create a true masterpiece of art. 

What is your opinion about this subject? What do you think the key is of creating art? Leave a comment about your thoughts! 

Would you like me to go more in depth about this editing technique in my following post? Do let me know!

To see the finished picture, you can read this post.

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I see photography (as I allow myself to reduce it to the basic form of the word), as taking the image. While it's true that you don't necessarily need to spend hours in photoshop, it does make your image stand out from the crowd. I see post production as some sort of trademark, something people see and know "Ah, that's that photographers work".

(I) See it as the two sides of a coin. On one side you have the art that is photography in its purest form, while on the other side having the art of making it yours through the wonderful tools photoshop has to offer.

I would love it if you did a more in-depth post about your editing technique, as I do find it very interesting :)

That's exactly how I think about it! You just worded it so nicely! ;)

Thank you! I'll keep that in mind as well. :)

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The hardest part of post-processing is knowing when to stop. That's the same for any form of art, I've found.

I'd love to see before, after, and a vision of the layers. Doesn't have to be a step by step, but I'm always intruiged at how differently everyone works in Photoshop.

I've been using it too, since I was about ten years old? Its a truly amazing piece of software, and it does have limitless potential.

Thanks for sticking around with these consistent posts!

That's the hardest part for sure! There are days I spent over 5 hours of editing 1 image ... It's probably also the main reason why I've been through a lot of ups and downs lately.

I'll keep that in mind for another time! I'd love to share a "tiny" glimpse of how I work in Photoshop! ^^

The introduction of Photoshop has changed the entire world, I wouldn't know where we would stand if Photoshop didn't exist on this day. I've been working with it for so many years and yet I keep discovering things every single day.

Thank you for the support!

Have you done any darkroom stuff? I went in the "wrong way round" - I had a digital processing background before I even tried stuff in the darkroom, and the level of appreciation you get for Photoshop after having a play in the dark room goes to another level.

More so, looking at some of the photography produced in dark rooms that looks like it should be Photoshopped sets an extraordinary standard to aspire to.

It is almost like looking at old buildings and wondering how they were built without cranes, trucks, and modern power tools.

Yes I have, just like you I went the "wrong way round" as well. I truly have a bunch of respect for all the people who worked (or still work) in the darkroom without any use of digital editing. Me, I just wouldn't be able to only work in darkrooms because I've practically grown up with Photoshop and its advantages.

As you say; the more I work in the dark room, the more I really start to appreciate the advantages of having Photoshop around. It's truly amazing how people were able to produce these kind of almost photoshopped-like images in the darkrooms!

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