BEAUTIFUL UGLINESS I - Photography by me

in photography •  last year  (edited)

Since I announced yesterday my official comeback, I thought it might be time to share something I'm actually proud of. This series is one of my latest works, it was made possible thanks to an amazing team that I have always dreamed of being able to work with: my 2 lovely models Larissa Matheus and Lara Aimée, the artistic mua Kika von Macabre, the talented hairstylist Julia Lion Hair and accessory designer Bakeneko Designs. It finally became a reality with this project!

This series is centered around the amazing accessories designed by "Bakeneko Designs" from Britain. Their work is described as Avant Garde Contemporary Wearable Fetish Art. They call it themselves "Fashion with a twist, Bakeneko Designs presents its unique brand of ugly beauty in handmade bespoke fetish pieces." And that's exactly what this series is about, ugly beauty translated into a fetish fashion shoot. 

I wanted to shock the spectator with my work, to make them feel weird, not knowing if they like or dislike it, and ask themselves what beauty really is. Isn't beauty something highly subjective, something that's different in each culture? How would Alien life, if they would exist, see beauty? Maybe beauty is just something we made up; maybe there isn't such a thing as beauty and ugliness.

I decided to clash these 2 things together, to create a new form of beauty (or perhaps ugliness, if that's how you wish to see it).

                         "Beautiful Ugliness I"

                                         Model: Larissa Matheus
                                         Mua: Kika von Macabre
                                          Hair: Julia Lion Hair
                                Mouthpiece: Bakeneko Designs
                  Photographer: Gaëlle Spaas Photography (me)

© All rights reserved by me

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Thanks to @geekpowered for reviewing it!

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Wow...that's actually pretty fucking cool...

The device that stretches her mouth is shocking but the shot overall is beautiful and so well done. I find myself just staring at it. I suppose you were exactly successful in what you set out to do.

Thank you for the compliments! I'm so glad that I succeeded my goals! :D

You should be proud, it's very bold.

Thank you so much! :D I am really proud of it, for the first time I do like my own work (only this series though) :)

Right, I agree

Poor Larissa! :D that photo looks almost unreal, great stuff!

She loved it though. :p Thank you!

Please continue to post your work. I've noticed there was a bit of a hiatus in your posting. I'm keen to see more of your work - it is very good!

I will! I've been absent for a while indeed, but I'm trying to post more again :) Thank you!

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Oh my god you are defo so lucky that you have that great of a team behind you. That picture is insane! In a very very cool way :)

Yes! I'm SO glad that they all wanted to work with me! And thank you! :)