Revealing the secrets behind my work ... Photoshop as art

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After having many requests outside the steemit community of how I created these almost painted photographs, I decided to reveal a bit about my way of working. 

For everyone who still believed that all these beautiful celebrities and models on the covers of beauty magazines are perfectly shaped, have the perfect skin that's become a main goal for all teenage girls out there, and seem to be not aging, are wrong. I'm sorry guys but I have to crush your dreams and bring you back to reality, there is no such thing as being perfect, no-one is perfect, even the most beautiful models out there aren't perfect. It's normal to have sometimes a pimple on your face, to have circles under your eyes because of being tired, to not have size 32/34 (European), ...

Even the greatest models do have these issues, that's how a new medium of art emerged. I know there are a lot of "classic" photographers who don't see using photoshop as an art. For me it's different tho, I admit that my photographs aren't the greatest without using photoshop, but for me, the power of mastering different techniques, to create something totally different than it originally was, is art. 

When I was young, I was always fascinated by beauty in it's own way. I loved how people could manipulate photographs, including the skin etc in Photoshop. That's how I started using Photoshop at the age of 7. It all started with downloading stock images and creating an own fantasy world with those images. I bought a drawing tablet at the age of 11 and started exercising on photoshopping skin - it took me all those years till now to find my own technique of editing that I liked.

Around the age of 15 I started experimenting with photography. I wanted everything to be my own creation, no use of stock images anymore. I left the photo manipulating world and started focussing on portraiture/beauty photography with a little touch of "me".

If you ever have dreams, don't give up on them, by being persistent you'll reach your goals someday. Everyone is possible to become anything they want someday, they just have to keep going without giving up.

What is your opinion about photography? Do you accept the use of Photoshop as art or do you think the photograph is art on its own? Leave a comment about your thoughts!

To see the finished picture, you can read this post.

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So beautiful! she reminds me khaleesi from Game of Thrones LOL

That picture is so pretty! I am an artist myself but I am not that good yet. I am hoping to improve on portraits of people!

Thank you! Never give up, I've been at this stage for such a long time. Keep doing what you love and there will be always improvement with each portrait you make! ;)

I hope so! Iv only been truly drawing for about a year now and iv improved quite a bit. Im very proud of myself. Your are is just beautiful! I cant wait to get to where you are one day!

They look very 'cool'....great work ;-)

Thanks :)

Dammmmmn, That is incredible! Very clean "fine-art" style. Definitely Following!

Thank you!

The retouching went a bit far but I guess that was expected from the client or at least was your vision for the photo. Don't get me wrong, the photo is amazing and the colors are just perfect! Was actually retouching for more than two years and seen a lot of requests and kind of decided to quit it.

It's the way of retouching I always do, clients know that luckily and know what to expect. :) Of course some people might find it "too much" , but this was also a project around "perfectionism" where I tried to create a almost porcelain doll look with a touch of artificial beauty.
The thing I don't like is when clients are being like; "can you make me look thinner, edit my nose, my eyes, etc..." because they wouldn't even look like how they really are. I'm trying to keep it "minimal" which means if you don't see the original pic, you wouldn't directly notice big changes. :)

Thank you for your comment!

And what you mentioned is actually what made me quit. Retouching models to a point where they wouldn't be able to even recognize them self. Again, amazing work, keep it up!

I totally understand that, such a shame that clients made you stop retouching. Thank you!

Wooow!!...You must be a genious to have started at that young age...but if i may ask, what were your challenges?...Cuz i'm about going into photography...So i know what i should be persistent in doing and what not to do

Thanks! The hardest challenges were all the deadlines, models not showing up at a shooting day and the pressure of making something "perfect". If I can give you 1 piece of advice, just do what you like to do, when something isn't working, don't give up. At some day you'll become a great photographers, as long a you keep experimenting and pursuing without giving up ;)

It's really fascinating that you started experimenting with photoshop at such a young age! Wow! My opinion on using photoshop is very simple.

Everybody can take a picture its programs like photoshop that enables photographers to create their own style in order to set their work apart from the thousands and thousands of pictures uploaded every single day.

I really don't get why some people are against photoshop. It's either because programs like photoshop weren't around back then or they simply don't want to learn the program. Both reasons are stupid imo ;)

I know right! But still I hear those statements a lot lately ... I guess you're right, mostly when someone is against photoshop, he/she is from an older generation which has mostly photographed analog. It still hits me sometimes, asking if what I'm doing is okay. I mean if you would look at the original photograph, it's not that unique at all :/ some might even say it's a bad photograph (at least I would lol).

I really appreciate your opinion! thank you.

if it means anything I think that what you're doing rn is more than ok. I personally really like the pictures you share! And no I'm not just saying that to make you feel better I really mean what I say.

It's not a style I will pursue personally for the sole reason that I simply don't have the patience for it, but I really appreciate you & other people working for hours on 1 picture. It's always a pleasure looking at a picture & seeing the passion of the photographer reflect in the end result. :)

Thank you so much !<3

Great work, I truly love it. It is very tender and powerful at the same time.

Thank you!

very beautiful ,its very difficult but you did it very well

Yes, why not? It is a creative tool like any other. I think your images are dreamy!

This is amazing. I'm a 3D artist, but I've got much to learn when it comes to Photoshop.
If you're interested, check out my Steemit Logo 3D Art at:

Resteem your post



Your post production work is gorgeous. I'm really trying to get my work in photoshop up a little bit. I frequently have to send things out if something is beyond my skill level.

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