FOREST SISTERS - Photography by me

in photography •  2 years ago 

So here it is, another result of my latest shoot in Slovenia! Due to some lack of time, it took a while to finish this picture and probably it will be the same for the upcoming ones ... But, I hope it was worth waiting :D 

If you read my previous post, you would know that the lightning that day was incredibly difficult as the sun was shining the whole day. I wanted to create a dark, peaceful atmosphere in my picture so I had to wait until there appeared some clouds before the sun. Seeing the final result, I'm glad I put the effort in waiting for the right moment to shoot this. 

If you're interested in reading the process of this shoot, you can go to my previous post.

                                      "Forest Sisters"

                                     Models: Ana Cernivec & Tara Kankarash
                                                  Mua & Hair: Barbara Fartek
                                            Fashion Designer: Ariadna Mladen
                                  Photographer: Gaëlle Spaas Photography (me)

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That is a beautiful photo. Very lovely. You deserve my vote up!

Follow me @Yehey, support the minnow.
Thank you.

Thanks! :)

What a struggle so hard to find the right angle for something beautiful.
But your struggle is not in vain, because the photo you produce is a product of very high artistic value, and I really enjoy this. Congrats.... You are AWESOME

I know right?! Finding the right angle is one of the biggest struggles I always have.. :D
Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! It really makes me feel so enthousiastic of this pic knowing that I still work with an amateuristic crop camera, and you calling my work as it's from some big artist :D (yeah I really should buy at least a full frame, I know ..)
But still, I highly appreciate your comment! Thanks!

sorry, I do not mean to downplay the meaning of your profession and your skills, I just want to appreciate that your work is truly remarkable.....👍👍👍

Nice, shot, i like the soft post-production as it goes so well with the feminine theme.

Thank you! ^^

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Is an amazing picture. Thanks for the link to the previous post, I was wondering what is the process of this shoot.

You're very welcome! It's always interesting to see the process of an artist, to know how they worked with some situations and what the final result was. I'm glad you like it! 😄

very nice photo, being an amateur photographer myself I can relate well to this situation.

Thank you! Everyone started once as an amateur, but only the ones with the will of making the best out of it can make it. So just keep trying, even if the result isn't always as you hoped it would be, and maybe someday we will be accepted as an artist 😊

you are absolutely right, we learn something new every day.

As you say, despite the difficulties with the brightness, your photograph has very nice effects. The color looks spectacular. You take the landscape very well. Photography speaks for itself. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much! I'm happy you like it!

Simply amazing! Would almost like to buy one 😍

almost hahah 😋 well, if you ever would like, you can! 😁

Thank you !

That is a wonderful photo, well worth waiting for.


Really fabulous picture..
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