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After a couple weeks at my new job, I discovered that the university in the town has an arboretum that butts up against my employer's property. It is a five minute walk, and a great escape from the fluorescent lights and gray cubicles. Although it would be a lot prettier in the warmer seasons, it still ofers a bit of nature during the day. Those of you who have followed me may have noticed that, throughout the last couple years, I have spent a lot of time in the state park.

Tiny Tim as a tree

This particular spot is a square, with the taller evergreens acting as a wind break. When the sun is out, this little refuge is significantly warmer than the area beyond. The little tree in the middle was almost comical, but it will grow up big and strong one day!

For Rent?

This little cabin sits right in the middle of the arboretum. There seems to be some sort of odd fascination with log cabins around this area. They are relocated and preserved in weird spots. There are even two at the state fairgrounds that date to the 1800's. Wile not particularly old compared with Europpean structures, 150 years is ancient for a wooden structure in this part of the USA. Harsh winters, woodpeckers, and carpenter ants are a few of the reasons there aren't more historic structures around. The top portion of this cabin looks like it was a conservation effort.

Turbulent Skies

This stand of trees is along the entrance road to where I work. The cloud cover was breaking up as I walked back from the arboretum, creating strong color tones and contrast as direct sunlight peaked beneath the clouds to the east.

Beaver Fail!

This might have been a better one for the first part of this post, as it was one I took on the way into work. There is a boat launch about half way between the town I live in and where I work. Giving myself about fifteen minutes extra to get to work provided the opportunity to pull off and take a look around. The river view there isn't quite as impressive as along the highway, but the speed limit is 65 mph and people tend to go about 80.

This scene was worth the stop, though! Apparently, the beavers wanted to fell this tree but it got hung up in the one next to it. It looks to have been there awhile, judging by the lack of bark and weathering.

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.



Wow! Stunning photos! I too would be torn between the 1st one and the beaver fail (always look fwd to your titles :) Love that you laid down to take some of those shots!

Thanks! I was going to mention Daggit, but I don't know many outside of Canada that would get the reference :-) Angry Beavers was on Netflix for awhile.

You got a job! Congratulations! I'm sure you posted something about it but I have been hiding under a rock the last couple of weeks and missed it. Your photos are wonderful, as always. I love the one with the long tree shadows.

Thanks! This week is the fourth one I've been on the ne job. So far, so good! It doesn't leave me as much time for photos or Steem, but having an income again will be nice.

Great to see the arboretum you talked about. That is a neat little cabin too.

Thanks. Too bad they don't rent the cabin out. I could live five minutes' walk from work, but also surrounded by nature. It looks a bit drafty, though.

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Howdy sir fotosdenada! Dang, I'm sorr I missed the voting time on this one. But that's really great to have the arboretum so close, it's going to be wonderful in the warm season. Love the look of the place and really enjoy that beaver damage photo. All that work for nothing!

Are you still in training at work?

Thanks. Training is basically always ongoing, here, but I'm finally able to do some things on my own. I spent the morning working on an Excel template, which should save me about two hours per week. Considering I have little else to do, maybe I shouldn't have!

Oh, if you become too efficient you won't have anything to do, is that what you mean?

Yep. Being too efficient has its downside.

I have a more recent post up, with photos of the bison. Had to wait for them to cross the road.

Thanks, I'll check it out!

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