Soggy Bison (Original Photography)

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Summer is in full swing and, with it, have come the insects. Out at the bison run, there is a swarm of biting flies that follows the bison around. To escape the heat and bites alike, they frequently find one of the ponds to soak in.

Shady Bath

When I first moved to Mankato, only two and a half years ago, there was only one pond. The last years have been so wet that they have started to turn the area into a wetland. The bison seem content with the change, at least in the summer months.

When they're not close to one of the ponds, there is an alternative way to try and get some relief from the flies: the Bison Flop! I don't know if that's the technical term for it, but it creates an accurate mental image.


Flopping into a drier patch of dirt sends up a cloud of dust that the flies don't seem able to navigate. The clouds dissipate quickly, so it's not uncommon to see several bison flopping multiple times in a row.

Wants Bug Spray

This yearling is more flexible than I expected. Maybe she was doing bison yoga? You can see that she is a yearling by the shape of her horns. The adults have thicker, curved horns, where the yearlings have straighter ones.

Such A Lady

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Love Love the bison!! I've never seen "the bison flop" before, lol nor the bathing regime they have :). I've only ever seen them graze or lay down. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! The bison flop is kind of hilarious, and the dust really makes for some interesting images. It's fun to watch a bison flop, roll almost all the way up, and flop again. They almost look like they want a belly rub, but I wouldn't try that... lol

To be honest, their bathing gets a little disgusting. I've seen them crap and empty their bladders into the pond and then continue to drink and bathe.

lol, the bathing would get the gag reflexes up :)

Great photos, it must be annoying for the Bison having to put up with the flies and insects in the heat.

Talk about pond water displacement. Bet it rises about 6 feet when those shaggy school buses wallow into there. I'm sure it's fun to watch them mess around in the water. I've always felt for any livestock, horses and wild animals that have to deal with biting flies. It would drive me NUTS. That was always a bad part of working in the woods, the flies. I still yell at them now and then when they bug me. Old habits die hard.
I love the rolling around in the dust. I'm sure it works, and feels good. I think that's why birds take dust baths. Hope your Sunday is going well, and not too many bugs.

Thanks! Not too many bugs tdoay, fortunately. We finally had a cold front move in and the temperatures dropped from the 90's into the 60's. With the rain in the mix, there's not much moving out there.

The one thing I don't understand about the bison is how they haven't evolved to not crap in their drinking water.

Ha haa, I'm not sure they were picked for the genetic tree of life for their mathematical, or other such life skills.
Glad your weather is bug-cooperative. I'm sure the woolly wader's are enjoying the respite.

very cool sir fotosdenada, I love these shots! Great job. You would think their hide would be thick enough that it wouldn't bother them but I guess not.

They're really vulmerable around the eyes and nose, which is why they always seem to have a swarm around their heads.

howdy today sir fotosdenada! dang I hate those nasty flies!

Those nasty flies! During the winter when I am imagining a lovely summer day, I tend to forget about biting insects. They are out in full force right now aren't they? Great photos of the Bison. They can really create a dust storm when they get rolling. I have seen deer standing out in the middle of a pond like that trying to escape the bugs. Poor things!

The gnats are just awful right now. I heard that their larvae like clean, moving water. With this many around, we must have divine springs or something.

We need more birds and dragonflies!

You have a great talent for capturing animals in motion. This is rare talent and I am glad I came across you.

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Thank you. In the case of the bison, I think it's more an exercise in patience than anything else. Every once in awhile, you see them do something other than graze and mosey around.

Magnificent pictures of these beasts!

Soggy bison to muddy bison...dirty dirty girl!! 😆

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