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RE: A birthday to remember: Ringside at a pro boxing event (Part 1)

in #photography3 years ago

Wow, a press pass even... Heck of a fun birthday present! It looks like you made good use of it too. Nice shots!

I've never been very interested in sports, either, but shooting them is a lot more fun. The food sounds like a lot more fun though! I'd love to have seen how the turkey carving went.


The turkey was cut into manageable sized eating pieces.
It was not a picture worthy event.
The meal itself was excellent and although Ladybug could not have dessert, I had 3...maybe 4...

Sounds like my type of mail, with multiple desserts! Were they as delicious as described? They might have made for a good photo shoot on their own!

The turkey cutting bit was funny, but maybe that's because it reminded me of how serious Spaniards are about cutting jamón... There are even ham cutting contests.

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