Give it a Whirl (Original Black & White Photography)

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January whizzed by and, yet, felt like it took forever. The darkest months of the year are always hard for me, energy-wise and, after leaving work for the day, I haven't been able to get out and shoot much. Besides daylight being all but gone, I just have n't been able to motivate myself to do much.

The deadline for my photo club assignment was coming up and the topic for the month was "music. " Since I was in Rochester for the weekend, I decided to bring out the tripod and play with the Victrola. Fitting, really, that the recodrd on the spinner was "Don't Get Around Much Anymore."

Point Made

Here's the other side, though I don't remember what was on it. It took a few attempts to get just the right ammount of spin to still be recognizable as text and give a feel of speed. Usually, I try to avoid mixing black and white photos in with color, but this one needed the maroon and gold.

You need glasses

Choosing which to send in to the photo club was actually sort of difficult, this time. After processing them all and studying the results, glass of Rioja in hand, I decided to send this one. The composition was more appealing.


On a break at work, I saw Viewbug had a challenge for photos of shops at night. I don't really have any that I would consider winning photos, but decided to go through some of my old photos from Spain. I did find a couple interesting ones. Both of these were taken when I lived in Ronda, Spain, in 2014.

This is a lottery vendor and a customer on the main pedestrian street (Calle Espinel) in Ronda. These lottery tickets support charities and causes. Once, one of the largest lotteries in the country, supports the blind.

As Luck Would Have It

I'm not sure where the haircutter ran off to, but he left the door open. Maybe he just went into the back for something. Regardless, I snapped this photo on a side street at night. Looking at photos of Ronda still makes me homesick.

Ghost Cuts?

Anyway, I will try to find the energy to post a bit more as the days lengthen. I've also been watching the canon rumors site and my bank account closely to see if an update to my ancient photography gear may be in the future. We'll see!

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.



That's a great set of photos, The black and white barbershop is my favorite! Well done.

Think on the brighter side of things, the days will only get longer from now on, winter is almost over and it's almost bison baby season! Stay warm and take care xox


We actually had some sun break through the clouds today, which is the first time I've seen it in about a week. That helps a bit!

Yay!! Sun! Yeah the winter blues sets in without it, now you got a bit of a fix to carry you along for a bit. I was happy when the cold broke and I was able to go outside and get some sun in the mountains. We got robbed of our last two summers so it kinda wears on a person after a while.

Howdy sir fotosdenada! Sounds like a dark winter up there but it'll be over soon. I really like the selections. The victrola is very interesting and the night shops are too! I hope work is going well.

Winter is long in Minnesota. Although unusual, May snowstorms have happened here.

Well after last year you guys are due a mild one I think!

Wonderful to see some new photos from you! Nicely done! Glad to hear you are dreaming of some new camera gear. That's why you go to work each morning and collect that paycheck, right? Camera gear and plane tickets.

Thanks! I don't know if there will be any room for plane tikets for a few years, unfortunately. Camera gear has gotten high, too... The new Canon lenses cost about 50% more than the expensive L ones I bought over the last decade or so. Maybe I'll find a way to make money from photography, some day.

I still believe that each one of those Steem tokens that you have accumulated will buy you a lot of tickets and lenses someday!

Absolutely love that first shot! They are all great, but the first one is next level!

Nice B/N Photos, compliments!

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