Fuzzy Kitty Shoot (Original Photography)

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While their owners are away in Mexico, I have been caring for two cats. A person who is more comfortable with dogs, I was a little worried about the endevour and it has proven not to be as simple as is often said. "Cats care for themselves," is something I've heard on various occasions and, while it may be partially true, there is still vomit to clean up and litterboxes to sift for "treasure." They are kind of fun in a way, though.

Occasionally, I will let them in to explore the apartment and rub themselves on things. Their scent should make any mice think twice before setting up residence!

Of the two, Smudge is the more social. He and I have had long conversations at the closed door between my apartment and the rest of the house. Entering my living quarters made him an easy photography target.

"Where'd they go?!"

It's actually fairly easy to get good portrait shots of the cats, as they lie in the sun. Getting the more entertaining poses is a bit of a trick, though. This next one shows Smudge's brother, Chip, perched atop a computer chair back.

Purring Head Rest

As for life in general, things are going alright. Cabin fever has set in and my motivation level at home is falling rapidly. I'll be headed home to Rochester for the weekend, as long as we don't get another blizard, and hope to have some time for photography then.

Brotherly conversation

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Howdy sir fotosdenada! I think these are some outstanding pictures! Man, those cats there have some big ears. So the job is just "okay?"

I've been incredibly busy at work, which is good. Those are a kind of cat, known as a "rex." Their ears aren't any bigger than most cats, but they barely have any fur. Most cats are really poofy, and their ears are tucked into that fluff. These cats do sort of look a bit alien.

lol..alien cats. Cats are alien enough normally. But busy at work is good right?

Somehow I missed seeing these delightful brothers! And now it must certainly be time for a new post from you! !Tip

I've been so busy and exhausted that getting out for photos has been hard, though I did get a few fun ones last weekend for the photography club meeting.

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Those are some nice looking cats. They look like old men who have a lot of wisdom to share lol. We've have 6 cats and they really do care for themselves. I hardly realize we have so many. They have a cat door and come and go as they as they please. Hope you've been well friend and life has been good for you.

These ones are definitely... not wise! Chip, the brown one, ran into my apartment yesterday, pawed a mouse trap, and scared himself so badly it was cartoon-comical!

How are things going for you?

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