RE: 7 DAY BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE #Day2 🏁 七日黑白照片挑戰 #第二天

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7 DAY BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE #Day2 🏁 七日黑白照片挑戰 #第二天

in photography •  2 years ago 

Oh, where did you take the photo?? I thought it was laundry haha. Ah susan, could you check my steemit chat message?

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ohhh haha I took it on snow mountain ;pp Hahahaha I admit that the ice blocks reli look like clothes now XD
Oh sorry I couldn't log in to steemit chat, it kept on loading so I would not be able to check it for like 2 months TVT Sorry about that!!

Whattt hmm... that's why you haven't seen my message. I think I will go to hk in January 20th ~ 30th(I'm not sure the exact date.) and I think I don't know how to contact you when I arrive hk :(

ohhh sorry about that!! If i still can't log in by the end of Dec I'll reply any of your comments on Steemit and give me my Telegram code!! XD Wish you a nice exam period!!!