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If you post on steemit you need photos for your posts. Someone asked me how I have so many photos to use and here is one way I get some.

Today, I’m looking at these categories of photos:







Whenever you go out in an urban setting you can get these photos if you look and pay attention. You must train yourself to slow down and look. You are seeking what others miss.

Don't worry that where you live is "boring." I have not found that to be the case. We all have different views and things that are interesting to others. But if we don't take the photos and post them, we will never know what works.

Here are definitions for each category above.


The short view in your path or to the sides or back


The long view in your path or to the sides or back


Any buildings or parts of buildings


Any vehicles moving or parked


Any colors that stand out to your gaze


Any small detail you get next to

How to take these photos efficiently

  • Take a walk anywhere urban. Take your camera, small change, and water.
  • Look for photos to go with my definitions above.
  • Watch for any of those sights to appear
  • Seek to find them
  • Take several photos – from the same location, move closer, farther away, or from another angle

For better photos, pay attention to

  • light
  • color
  • composition
  • context
  • clarity
  • look at the four corners of your frame to make sure you are not cutting anything off or including something you do not want.

For example -

  • Take a photo of the street ahead of you
  • a parked car
  • a longer view
  • a bright color
  • a cool building
  • something close to you.

You can literally do this every 100 feet and have a lot of material. Once you are done with your photos:

  • Develop it all
  • Don’t be critical because you are learning now. Try to use everything, but notice what you reject so you do better next time.
  • You may end up with other categories you did not plan for such as long exposure.

Put the finished product in files for the topic and when you need to post – you will have a photo.

Bonus Idea

A week or two later, go to the very same place and take photos again. Improve on the shots you were not happy with. Take others from different angles. Maybe these photo expeditions will be fun for you and you can do them more often.

Before and after later that same life fitinfun.jpg

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Thank you @fitinfun! You always introduce us to something new and inspire us to continue in doing steemit. Thos is very helpful.


I'm glad you like the tips! I hope you will get some good photos with them :)

Nice course you put together.
Kryptonia @nexit


Thank you! I hope it helps people get their photos :)

Good planning is to take a camera everywhere, why?

Whenever I slip out for a minute without camera in hand something will happen making me wish I had remembered the camera must go with at all times.

Happened more than once @fitinfun tips on photography enjoyed.


You are so right about that tip! I'm on my balcony often and it never fails that if I am there with no camera I miss something wonderful. But I never, ever leave home without it. Recently it ended up in the trunk of a taxi for a few miles, and I was beside myself :)

Hey Sharon, how are you? Any decision on where your staying or going next visa run? I just posted a master piece Ebook on my blog. Any marketing ideas, you seem really good at that stuff.

I'm off to Belfast Ireland Friday, then to Prague for a month the following Wednesday.


Nice! I will look. Congrats on that accomplishment! I have no decisions at this point and going day by day.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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nice post

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nice idea. thanks for this tips.


You're welcome.

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