'Tis rainbow season

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It's august, which here in scotland means rain .. rain rain rain. lots of rain.. how much rain? a lot of rain. This year so far has been especially bad, floods, cancelled flights and trains, loads of thunder and lightning (we never get thunder and lightning here.. well rarely).

But alongside the nasty stuff that comes with heavy rainfall, we also get lots of rainbows... so i'd rather call it rainbow season, than rain season. The added bonus is all the glorious rainbow photo opportunities. I took this shot on the way home from work, as an opportunistic shot. The rainbow seems to directly shine on my house down the road from this perspective.. unfortunately when i got home there was no gold to be found .. at all.

Thanks for Looking.
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Thanks @pixresteemer :)

I love this!
And My wife and I were there in April, enjoying this same street!
As well, it's simply a fantastic Shot!

thanks, @thekittygirl for sharing this on @pypt #pypt

That's awesome! April was a good month for weather this year. I hope you had a great time here :)

I seen many rainbows and double ones... But I have to say... I never seen one quite so clear in all colours 😍 amazing!
Really a BIG wow... So beautiful... Great shot my friend.
Have a wonderful evening. Cheers! 🌹

Thanks! Yes, it was probably the brightest rainbow I have ever seen as well. :) I hope you are well :)

It was magical and you really captured a rare moment in rainbow world 😉
Have a wonderful evening. Cheers! 🌹

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Thank you ☺️

That's a corker!


Oh, my! What a gorgeous, breaktaking photo!

Thanks @thekittygirl. It was quite striking! Everyone on the bus had their phones out taking a picture of it :)

I love this shot so much I shared it during the PYPT curation-show in TheRamble discord server, hosted by @shadowspub and everyone went wild over it! Your work rocks! 💜

Thanks so much @thekittygirl :) I'm so flattered by this response! x

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Very vivid, wow! We been seeing quite a few here too man.

Awesome man, rainbows are great! One of nature's more beautiful phenomena. :)

As usual, this is a truly striking shot!! I'm so glad @thekittygirl shared this with us at P.Y.P.T.!


I'm glad she did as well, its truly a big compliment! :)

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