The Manliest drink of Manliness - Whiskey and Bullets

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My birthday was last Sunday, and a typical dilemma I face every year is when people start asking me what I would like for my birthday. "I don't know" seems to be an insufficient answer. So I scrambled through amazon to see if there was anything I would be interested in, and/or enjoy.

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That's when I stumbled across something called 'Cold Shot'. HAHA get it? Ice cubes in the shape of bullets! Well, they're not really Ice cubes, but they are those 'coolers' used instead of ice to prevent the ice from watering down your drink. So naturally I used them to take pictures with.

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I also drank the whiskey.. I'm not gonna let a 12 year old single malt whiskey go to waste! I'm pretty sure there's a law somewhere on the statute books in Scotland that punished wasting whiskey. If not there should be! Scotland's liquid god, it truly is the nectar of the gods.

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So you pop these bad boys into a little black velvet bag (oooh manly!) and shove it in the freezer. The bag is really just to keep them together so you don't loose them .. handy! Then when you're ready to use them you take them out and drop them in your drink to make it nice and cold, whiskey doesn't have to ever be served cold, but sometimes its nice.

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It's a silly gimmick and they don't stay cold for very long but really you don't get these for practical purposes. You buy them to look like a badass and to have something to talk about when you run out of conversation at a party .. However.. who runs out of things to say at a party? and you look like a badass anyway if you are drinking whiskey... "but 56.. why did you get them then?" you may ask .. well I got them so I could take pictures of them in a glass of whiskey! 😂Also, they're just fun.

Yes, I am ridiculous.


Thanks for Looking.
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Oh wow.. thanks you so much! This is such a wonderful surprise and welcome boost! Not to mention you just put me into 60 Rep.. so double thanks! :D
A great day IS being had thanks to you :D

Happy belated and great pics!

That is so freaking cool 👍😜 I looove it!
Never seen that kind of "ice cubes" in shape of bullets before 😁 And Ya this made You look Badass for sure 😂😂hahaha
Thank you for sharing and for making me smile.
Much Love! 💞🤗💞


lol! My pleasure! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd never seen them before, it was new to me .. but i couldn't resist them lol!


I can se why you couldn't resist them 😉 really cool,anf now we know they exist.. Lol
Glad you had a great birthday dear. 🤗🌹


Thanks :) it was a great birthday :)

Nothing in the world beats a good single malt. And I agree, on the books or not, it's a crime to waste good Scotch. Doubly so if you're an actual Scot.

The bullet shaped coolers in their velvet bag? Gives a whole new meaning to black velvet. ;-)

For a real kick, try it with real bullets sometime. Not.


haha! I like to think of them in that little bag as Velvet Thunder :)

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Happy birthday! There are sweet silver bullets out there too, I just put a big chunk of silver in the freezer all day for for my drinks.


Thanks! That sounds pretty cool! Good for whiskeys, investments and killing werewolves :)

there are 56 like me
we are great kids hehe
happy thursday and that you meet many more


Thanks! Yes, we are great ;) I wish you a wonderful day :)

Happy birthday with some delay! :)

Beautiful stuff!

Very badass indeed!