The Love Wall in Paris

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This is the Love Wall in the Montmarte area of Paris. Why is it so famous? Because it says "I love you" in every language.... and when I say its famous, I mean its famous with young asian women... and I say that because I ONLY saw asian women there.. they were the only ones to take an interest and I know from growing up in asia as a kid that over there they still have more of a sense of old fashioned fairytale romantic love.. etc etc ..

Actually I have no idea.. its just an assumption based on personal observations. Anyway, this wall is famous.. its says "i love you" in all the languages and is in paris. I'm surprised some cliche-ridden guy wasn't proposing in front of the damn thing..

Personally I think that since Paris is the 'city of love' it makes proposing anywhere in that place a cliche, lazy and unimaginative. Last time I went there with my GF everyone she worked with was like "oooh are you gonna propose?" and I was all like "good god man why would I do that? In paris of all places.. how perfectly vile. How pedestrian do you think I am?" .. turns out one of her colleagues got engaged on top of the eiffel tower.. I was able to suppress the dry-heaving until we got to the car and now all her colleagues think I'm a rude snob. True Story (j/k).

Not really.. I never said any of that .. I have better manners.. but I do find it an awful cliche that's been done to death a million times over..

Thanks for Looking.
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woohoo Paris is fantastic :D Lived there for 2 years :)
Ok im not asian buut i sure visited the 'love wall ' ; its really nice to look closer on all the text :D
Ha ha i dooo second you with -its a massive cliche :P
Hm you do get that your gf now also think you 'should' pop the Q , right?he he

Such a loveley spot in Paris. From the love wall through the small streets of momatre up the mountain to the sacre coeur and then the view over Paris.

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Belle photo mais je ne connaissais pas et pourtant je vais souvent à Paris. Merci de l’info.

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Well... all those parisians need to get engaged somewhere. 🤔


Oh well, another "love" spot other than Eifell and Paris love locks. I'll pass this on to my peers, perhaps they want to visit that spot :D but really, it's perhaps aesthetically pleasing for them. Especially, many asians love taking pictures and show it off to the social media.

For some reason The Love Wall only wants to give me images of icky sticky messes!

Anyway, you did well to get it all in one photo and without too many people in the way! I think you are correct it is a bit of a cliche to propose in Paris.

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