Spring is here!!

in #photography2 years ago

No, I am not crazy!
Though it may sound weird to shout that spring has arrived in the 6th of January. It is middle of the winter after all. But look what I found today in a park!

It was a quite cold morning but the sun was warm so we went to take some fresh photos (mushrooms mainly) to the nearby park. And on a way back I went closer to this poor and naked tree in hope to see some nice lichens on the bark and... who cares about lichens when the buds look like this! :)

tree spring buds 1.jpg

tree spring buds 2.jpg

tree spring buds 3.jpg

By the shape of the tree I am guessing it is a wild growing pear. Also the buds are kind of big and pinkish. Will go check it out in a couple of weeks again.
I also saw oranges and figs growing there. So birds have some nice fruits to munch on (not sure f they eat oranges though).

tree spring buds 4.jpg

tree spring buds 5.jpg

Look, one is in a hurry!

tree blossom spring.jpg

It really didn't feel like a winter day. So many flowers were blooming around! I spent almost 4 hours just walking around shooting. This is what I also found:

  • Arisasum simorrhinum - one of the coolest flowers around. And this is the second type I found around here.

arisasum simorrhinum 1.jpg

  • Solanum nigrum (Black nightshade)

Black nightshade solanum nigrum flower.jpg

  • Echium plantagineum

Echium plantagineum 1.jpg

  • Fumaria sepium

Fumaria sepium waterdrops 1.jpg

  • Oxalis - this one blooms almost all year round. I also found a much smaller pink one on a lawn outside our building, but before I shot it they cut the grass. Dammit.

oxalis lawn.jpg

  • Some kind of wild nettle with weird flowers. I couldn't find the name for it.

wild nettle.jpg

  • Tiny wild geranium. Those are terrible weeds and grow everywhere!

wild geranium flowers.jpg

  • Daucus carota - also called Queen Anne's lace with pretty pink flowers.


  • Corrigiola litoralis (strapwort) - still with buds only. Those are like 1 mm across. Tiny things!

Corrigiola litoralis-  strapwort buds.jpg

And I am sure I missed some more... But I will be back checking on them.
The only worry is that maintenance guys keep cutting the grass around there. And with the grass go all the flowers and shrooms too!

Spring is here! :D

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.



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Great photos. I definitely need to buy me a good camera this year. Tired of smartphone photography.

Go for it! It is much more fun than smartphone :)

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If I can ask, in which country did you take the bud pictures? I just saw some too and would like to know if it was in the vicinity of Germany...

I am in Portugal. Spring comes earlier here, but this is extremely early I think :p

yeah, in fact if it goes on like this we didn't have a winter here.... crazy

Great photos!
Really as spring!
Many of these flowers grow in our country.
Thank you very much for Curator!

We have very similar climates :)
Does your trees start to grow flower buds too?

On some (seasonal). Yes.
Now we have the lowest temperature + 16 C
And wild orchids have already released leaves :-)))
This week I’m going to go see
whether flamingos and other birds arrived for the winter.
For photos and take a walk.

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