Hoarfrost graphics

in photography •  13 days ago

At the beginning of winter, when the sky is overcast every day, it is very difficult to find graphic plots. After all, graphics means increased contrast, a clear contour drawing, lines or shape.

In this winter lucky with hoarfrost - it kept on trees and other vegetation for a very long time. This natural phenomenon made it possible to take a lot of beautiful photos, including graphic ones.

As usual, it turned out something like patterns, chaotically heaped lines.

Birch in the light of lanterns looked very contrast.

If you add a person or some other object to the composition, the graphics will acquire the plot and the photo will become more interesting.

But I deliberately do not do this, as I try to achieve maximum monotony in the composition of the frame.

Canon 6d, EF 17-35 / 2.8L

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