Sunrise Over a Frozen Lake

in photography •  last year 


Total silence, standing in the middle of the lake, on pure, almost untouched snow. Someone had skied over the ice the previous day, and now I added my footprints next to it.

Shot with Nikon D7200 and the first two shots are using with Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G and the rest with 55-200mm f/4-5.6G.





PS. @escapist had an old Nikkor 70-300mm 4-5.6G lens unused in her storage so I bought it from her, I'll try to test it out tomorrow or the day after. It's a manual lens so I need to gather up some patience to use it :P

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There is nothing beautiful than nature

Fantastic photography cheers

It looks so cool and calm there. Looks like it would be a fun place to take a snowmobile

  ·  last year (edited)

This was exactly what I was thinking. It would be wonderful to destroy the peace & quiet by tearing through the snowfield on a snowmobile!


This captured moments of yours @eveuncovered is excellent. The sun, the snow give such awesome cool calming impact. The sun and its yellow shades coupled with the snow combination gives such an amazing dramatic effect. Truly this let us witness the beauty of photography.


It is! I didn't get to take the snowmobile out because it's in the shop in pieces :(



Great photos as always... every day im more and more in love with Finland
You should do a before(winter) and after (summer) picture of some of the place you take photos, i would really like to see the difference


I'm pretty sure I have a summer picture from here somewhere, hmm, let me find it... here ya go this is from last September!


Wait, that's the same place?! You walked over the lake??


Yes, the same exact place. Either I’m Jesus or there is this reaction that happens to water when the air around it goes to sub zero temperatures, go figure..


I wonder if you can also turn water into wine 🍷🍷


I wish 😤 though my preferred poison is gin.


Gin... Classy women, my poison is either beer or gin tonic.
Did you try our beer when you came to portugal?


G&T all the way, while cursing like a sailor, very lady like... I don’t really drink beer so no I didn’t.

The photos are nice and unfortunately cold. Too much cold for me, and of course, that weather is not so cozy for a cat :)

Now, looking again at them, I guess you are privileged to see and even take photos of that beautiful lonely nature. Your photos make me want to see places like this one and thinking about it, there are so many places I want to see already that I don't think I'll have the opportunity in this life to visit them all, not until I will start to lose the sharpness of my sight...


Here is the thing, we always dream of faraway lands and places that are exotic to us, but there is beauty in everywhere on this planet. You just have to go out and look for it a little if it’s not on your doorsteps.

Put on warm clothing and walk out of the city centers and suburbs, you’ll be sure to find out something beautiful.

Level up for including the cat.


Thank you for the kind words, they made my day (night, whatever) :) So reading your previous comments, that one in which you proposed me the game of cat, I understand we are having conversations. That's what I consider a level up already :))


Amazing photos.
A question. What was the first thing you said to yourself when you saw that view?


What an interesting question! I said "Aaaah!" and took a deep breath in and out.

Awesome sun effects. Almost spooky.

Stunning! :O congratulations!

wonderful photos

Good click

There is no fog this time. It feels like seeing the world waking up, cleaning away the dust and turning on the lights to let the flow of time start yet again. Rev up and to the horizon!

My absolute favorite from this set is the first one. The landscape mode allows us to see a panoramic view of the forest line, the sweet pink and yellow sunrise comes through the pines left and right that add so much to the composition with their closeness and detail.

I was also surprised to see how much blue there is on the snow given that the main source of light is yellow hahaha, but then I remembered that from 45 degrees and above and behind you everything was still blue.

These pictures of yours, you capture such beautiful moments. It fills me up with desire to leave this clunky square of concrete I call home and run somewhere nice to experience the beauty of the world. I'm not able to yet, though. The future shall bring better things for all of us.

Thank you for sharing all of this, Eve. Your pictures are inspirational and sublime.

You are amazing!!!

i almost can feel the cold air.
The shy sun touching my skin
Breathing the air that tastes like peace...

Eve, your pic reminded me of the Agalloch song "Fire above ice below" with the lyrics

The woeful silence and wind's reflection
Of your body's pale ode, an icy fortress of blood and ages
Sky fire above, ice below the hearth
Fall away from me to that citadel at the end of time
Where death sleeps and dreams of your buried pain
There has never been a silence like this before
There will never be an ode like this again

Put on the headphones ad stare these pics.. Amazing...

this is pure beauty! wish i could also see it for real. <3

THIS! Thank you for posting this! I thought this was for news and videos and articles - I never thought of this! You are very talented! Great pictures :)


We have a pretty big photography community over here! :) Thank you!

I get cold just looking at that.

Wonderful! wonderful! wonderful Nature is beautiful. In the mist of the total silence, "standing in the middle of the lake," you can heard a voice whose silence is complete and that would be, "The Voice of God"

Imposing, you managed to capture in a beautiful moment, the combination with the snow and the calm of the place, I loved it

Ahh that first picture is pretty perfect...

Exactly how I've pictured Finland in my mind.


You live up north too so you get real winters too, right?


Our seasons contrast greatly., that’s one good thing about where I live, we get a little bit of it all.

Unfortunately this Winter has been mild. I want more snow!

These portraits are incredible and the snow is beautiful. I envy you, one day I'll be able to wake up to something like this!

wow....amazing pic....nice shot...

Cool winter :) I like it :)

woww ... amazed to see the perfection in these clicks.May i ask "from when u are doing photography?"

Sometimes don't you feel like life is just perfect living in such a beautiful place?
Those pictures feels like pure and raw peace

Enchanting fairytale landscapes are your thing, ain't that true @eveuncovered ?
Moments of eternal contemplation just by looking at these pictures! Can't imagine what's it like to live these scenarios in first person! Really ought to visit Finland sooner rather than later :P

Thanks for sharing :P


Everything magical and beautiful is my thing! :) You still have about two month left if you want to see this winter wonderland before it melts :P

I love the angles on these shots, makes me want to post my winter pics lol

winter an be so breathtaking!
amazing photos, catched the vibe 100%
hope you enjoyed this beautiful walk
thanks for sharing :)

Nice photos, followed ! Make sure to check my profile for photography.

wow awesome pictures

Such peace....


You can’t even believe..

I have never seen a frozen lake it is amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Wait until I get the right weather so that the snow melts and you’re only left with clear ice!

Silence is golden and your pics are too.

wow i never ever had seen a frozen lake in real and these pics attracting me to come there see how beautiful it is, perfect clicks,nicely captured, following you for more you are a good photographer


Really nice shots. You'll have fun with that 70-300mm lens too. There's something really satisfying about manual focus lenses. It feels a bit more authentic or something. I don't know I could be talking nonsense, but theres something about them I really enjoy. Have fun!!


Thank you Dave! I’ll let you know how I like it in a few days :)

Last one is amazing!

Great Captures!
Looks so relaxing.
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)

This is good! I like your mood and you can almost feel the cold :-). friend, excellent composition of the landscape, perfect for the theme winter. congrats :)


Thank you so much Ceren :)

Bu manzarayı seyretmeye doyulmaz. Harika.

Your photos are amazing @eveuncovered, following, upvoted, resteemed


Thank you so much! :)

Nothing like the feeling of being the 1st to step into untouched snow.

Such a stunning scenery! I'm in love with snow! You are so lucky! So peacefully. :)

woow what an amaizing place and nice pictures, well done for your work homie, we should protect our nature and our earth , unfortunattlyy on thoese days we arent. hope some respensables read my comment ,wish one day i stay in such a place like this with my futur wife

These photos are gorgeous! I especially love the last one. The focal point seems to be the sun. I love how the branches of the tree give the sun perspective.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

hermosas capturas <3 <3 siguiendote desde ahora

so magical moment experiencing loved it

thanks your post!

Amazing! I absolutely love your posts, I will be following for sure! Thank you for sharing

That last image is beautiful

Wao so nice post keep it up

Wow. I would love to see snow one day

nice shot! really beautiful

The photography skills are phenomenal !! Loved all of the clicks .
Especially this one-
The beauty of weather is extremely increased because of the perfection of clicks of photographers .

amazing photography!!!

Beautiful and unique photos! I love sunrise!

📷 que tomas tan directas y grandiosas 👏👏

Amazing photos
You must have enjoyed this day the most ,I presume : )


I had these type of views for almost a week, I have a lot more of them to share to you :)

Yes, is very good and fascinating pictures

Really nice shot. Posted some photo myself. Maybe u wanna take a look at my blog. Nice tonsee u make this with such an old lens. I love the minolta lens like the 85mm 1.4 and 100mm 2.8 macro

Dont know waht to say more than waaaw
Really amazing @eveuncovered nice post u got here

Todas son geniales, pero la primera es perfecta desde mi humilde punto de vista...! Creo que la pondré en la sala de mi casa !!!

Great photos! 😉

Amazing I love think fluffy snow, only had it once this year but ahr that crunch. Thanks you your pics I feel like I have experience snow properly this year :) 💯🐒