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Some selfies, nothing special, playing around. Yes I know they are dark and you prefer light, I don't care, I like it dark.

Shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 18-35mm f1.8.



piu4.jpgBehold my photoshop skillzzz


Can we just get a round of applause for Eve, evolving her craft more than humanity has in the last 100 or so years? I mean, c'mon, she's giving it her all, and she's not even done yet! Like I don't about you guys, but I'm here for every time she posts because there's always a chance, she's pushing the envelope even more than her already provocative and inspiring talents already do! Get real, people! This is the kinda stuff I expected, when I heard you can earn from your content here! Maybe I'm greedy when I say this, but gimme more!

Are you trying to make me blush!? Your comments are the sweetest always but I'm starting to think you might have some rose coloured glasses on :D For my egos sake, do continue :D <3

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Congratulations @eveuncovered

Thanks for recognising the alfa in me.

Lurking in the shadows sure does have its advantages 🌚👻

I'm a little creep aren't I? :P

The absolute creepiest. You look like you enjoy sleeping with spiders 🕷

Dark is nice, I like it.

Thank you Cele!

Beautiful :) It's nice to use the lights gently, brings a lot of nice shapes in to the pic!

I'm not sure if this light is gentle at all, but there is not much of it :P

Hmm, why for my selfies not come out like dis? Lol.

Beautiful play of light and shadows. Modern sensuality accentuated by the straight acrchitectural lines and the organic curvature of the body. Magnificent!

Dark is better. We don't like lighter. No. We do like light, but not without darkness and shadows. No matter what the Instagram interior design pictures show. Dark is better.

Shear awesomeness!

No matter what the Instagram interior design pictures show.

Ahahhaah exactly 😆 give us the moodyness!