Masks are to be played with. Not lived in. 🎭👺

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Here, we are three-quarters of ACES:
April (missed), Cynamon, Erika, and Stephanie.


That was my very first Instagram post... dated January 15, 2014.

And it was intended to be my first Steepshot post, too!

But I could not get it to upload from my phone or laptop,
or from Chrome or Firefox...
so here we are, on rarely-lets-me-down Steemit.

Here, I was with my gurrrrrls, Cynamon + Steph, in a Pier 1 Imports in Chicago.

We were giggling up a storm in the home aisles...
looking for ways to make our homes the most comfortable,
beautiful nests they could be. Birds of a feather, DO flock together. 🐦

I miss those good, bird-friends -- and April, Fenesha, Kiana --
more than I can say. Even though I just tried.

Oh, look. I straightened my hair back then! ::cringe::

Kinda kidding about the cringe.

I consciously work on deep self-acceptance,
(which does wonders at deepening your relationship with others.)

It also led me to let my hair do what the hell IT wants.
It has a strong spiral pattern, and gravity-defying texture,
so I can't believe the heaps of hours I wasted over the years,
fighting my own nature, trying to have/keep straight hair!

When I think about it, that was a form of masking.


You know what? My Steemit posts are too long!

I think it's been because there are no word/photo limits here,
and it is hard for me to stop, for some reason.

While Steepshot limits you to 2048 characters for your description,
(just a few hundred words), and 1 picture, I believe.

Staccato. For a welcomed change.

A simpler pairing of FEWER words, with ONE image.

Yes, that's what had been missing... limits.

Because oceans do need shorelines... 🌊

This post was inspired by a fun photo of 3 masked women.

It was in vulnerable, honest friendship,

that I learned the pleasure of just letting your face breathe.

💙 Inhale. Exhale. Always as you. Only as you. 💙


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Great, demonstrative comment, @beginningtoend! :-)