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It really is crazy just how prevalent in our lives the Fibonacci Sequence is. I remember back when I was learning about it back when I was taking precalculus oh so many years ago. While it was cool seeing it in examples of plant life I had more interest in it relating to stocks, financial numbers, and just an odd place it seems to pop up in. It really seems to be some universe number and I can’t wait for to see where else that number pops up in.


In stocks and financial numbers??? Really? I'd love to know how the sequence pops up in those areas..
It is quite fascinating, and even more so when we discover it is everywhere in front of us.

In stocks it is Fibonacci Retracement. You have binary strings in things like computer science which is relative to Fibonacci numbers in some correlations. It can be seen within economic growth models. It is interesting how often people find it.

In things like stocks it is always a question of since it has happened naturally in the past is it still occurring naturally or has it turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy because everyone is looking for it and they just make it happen.

I’m not the most knowable person when it comes to it. It can be quest interesting to look into though.

HA! The self-fulfilling prophecy theory.. my favourite.
Very interesting topic though. Definitely worth some further research. You've raised my curiosity, I'm off to look it up a bit more. Cheers @enjar!

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