Was on Vacation And Still Feeling Like It

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"Where have you been?" 'ya ask? Yes, I haven't been here for a long time.

Am tired, exhausted and weary so I went on a vacay somewhere.


I had so much fun out there, I really did but am still tired and still feeling that am still on a vacay. Can you relate on how the combi of both feels?


These days am just trying to stay in bed asleep as long as I want. After all, it's still is really vacation season. ( You're probably curious where I've been to so go ahead and click on that "follow me" sign underneath if it would interest you but mind you, it shall take you out of Steemit.)

I'm hoping that the eyesacks that I've grown may vanish if I do. I do wish they do. Not that I look odd with it but they do make me look tired.


At least, I think, I have a bigger chance of recovering and recharging than this guy does. He's on his last days and his wings tell it all.

I'm going to shake that vacay laziness off me and try to be active again but for now, let me nip more moments of rest. I badly need it.

edit : hmmm.. am surprised at how low my influence is atm but as the French say - "cest la vie" .. am glad am used to the see -saw like flow in Steemit. Too bad, my VI doesn't seem to last like it used to.

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics with my Nikon D3400 in Provence, South, France.

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Me too. Feel the same.

Oh dear, have you been hoppin here and there, too?
Take care and hopefully, we could get back in action asap
ribbit :)

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

No island-hopping, no village hopping, dear Mother of the bees. I was in a hip surgery and lived for 4 Weeks in the healthcare system, where you can leave your brain at the systems front door, to get it back there, when it spits you out after weeks. It was like to live in a monasterie and now I don't find out of the calm and quiet rhythm of this kind of artificial lifestyle. My most welcome work since these days: Sweeping the road, sweeping the terrasse and our backyard. I am sweeping like a Zen-monk in a japanese garden.

And by the way; I could have taken the same pictures like you. When I sit down on my terrasse our big lavenders looks the same as well as the same butterflies, bees and bumblebees.
That's why I feel exactly the same after-holiday-feelings. like you my friend.
Lots of🗦ribbits🗧 for @englishtchrivy !!!

oh! am sorry to hear that
I hope all is well nowadays and that you feel better.
No wonder you were seemingly quiet the past days.
I tried dropping by but only your comments were on no posts.
Am glad your hip operation turned out successful.
Prayers for your fast recuperation and as the Dutch say - beterschap!
Big cyber hugs from this pond to you!

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Thank you.

Dear Ivy,

oh, I feel the same way.
I sleep until 2 pm, and then I am unhappy the whole day that I slept so long and did nothing.
I hope we both get better soon!

Best regards, @double-u

Oh that's extremely late.
Am up before lunch except on nights am up till 3 am :D
I hope you caught nothing weird and just too tired, too.
Take care and yes, let's get well soon :)

Happy Birthday @englishtchrivy

Steem blockchain for 3 years!

time flies

Thank you!
shhh :D

I missed your photos and stories, but I'm glad that Your vacation was so pleasant :)) Thank you for these videos about Your summer trip. It's beautiful!

Thank you.

Hi @englishtchrivy

Beautiful PROVENCE, it must be a heaven for all insects
I'm surprised how large meadows of flowers there are.
As happy as you are in flowers and plants, I think you were in heaven too.
Remember that you always have to recharge your own batteries and I think you did it on that holiday

I Know You Love The Tall Ships Races (2019)
I have made 6 blogs from Fredrikstad
So I allow myself to add the link to you here
This is part 6, but the links from 1-5 are there.


Hey, thank you very much.
Yes, I did get to but hardly because we did drive a lot for a long time haha.

I did check them out but just got done with one atm, still curious about the rest.
I shall return in your page and thank you for sending me what I missed.

She's back! .....?
Good to get a sign of life.
Take your time, but more important; take good care of yourself!

lol,ik moet ff bijtanken .. als of ik een truck met lege tank bent hahaha

'als of ik een truck met lege tank ben'

Met de vlam uit de pijp ...

lmao dat is veel te gevaarlijk :D

Yes, you are back! Sad to know you still feel exhausted. Hope you will start feeling better soon. And that you can enjoy the vacation time while it lasts.

Maybe your hubby and you can come to the North one day. But, all in good time, of course.

Take it easy!

Kind regards from us overhere to you overthere.

oi oi oi ... Dank je wel,!
dit "moe" gevoel gaat nog niet weg denk ik maar komt allemaal goed
gewoon een beetje te veel gehad maar dan meestal leuk dus het is ook oke en mijn eigen schuld hahaha

Hey, looking forward to that! Wij zien het wel :D
Groetjes retour van ons hier ;)

#nl Teveel hooi op je vork genomen. Een bekend fenomeen. Neem je tijd. ;-)

En komt goed, als het kan en als het gaat.

Fijn weekend!

Ja, dat en nog wat. Ik ga terug naar school in September dus ik denk niet dat ik hier toch vakker kan komen, hopelijk toch wel maar ik weet het niet. Hangt van mijn rooster af denk ik.


Nieuwe uitdaging Ivy, gaat voor, je kunt maar zoveel doen in een dag, toch? Wie weet wat de toekomst nog brengt.

I am your follower now. Wanna see more of such cool photos and know more about your rest;)
vaccation is something that is so hard to leave in the past, especially during the first days at home. Your soul is still there, and your body is already here..

do you know much about butterflies? An interessting fact about wings and their life, though I knew that if people touch wings, they can't fly any more and die.
But here if I hadn't read your explanation, I wouldn't notice anything wrong with the wings, so you have definetely experienced eyes;)

Thank you, no am not a butterfly expert but afaik, butterfly does not necessarily die from being touched on the wings but their dust on their wings gets less and they need that to be able to keep flying for as long as they need to.

Provence is a very nice region! Beautiful lavender and sunflower fields and butterflies dancing in between. 🦋 I wish you good rest and time to recharge your batteries!

Thank you.

Yes, it is. I fell in love with the place. Well, basically - of the landscape and how seemingly kind and laid back the French in that region are like.

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Thank you btw.

Beautiful photographs, @englishtchrivy! Hopefully, as well as that butterfly, which came out of its chrysalis to see the beautiful world and enjoy it, you will be encouraged to see everything that awaits you. Thank you for sharing.

thank you Nancy.

Great picture!

Beautiful day

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I Love your picture you are posted, am newbie to this platform because of this am ready to follow you all the time