Dogs, Alligators & Mouse Roulette - SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry

in #photography5 years ago (edited)

(this happens at the Alaska State Fair - the tent is usually crammed with people waiting to see which hole he goes into)

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Very cool. Who doesn't appreciate a couple of happily married alligators? Also, good call on switching the order of the first two. The thumbnail is much more eye catching now.

Thank you! Hard to gauge exactly how a thumbnail will appear until you post... certainly some stand out more than others. I was reading up on some of the changes coming to STEEMIT. Looks like content will cease to garner SBD/SP after 30 days (people can still upvote, but there will be no future earnings). There are some technical reasons for this apparently, but I suppose it's still better than any other alternative out there atm.

Some changes are needed for sure. I haven't seen any payouts past 24 hrs anyway. And yes, I've never made ANY money of my photos before. It has a lot of problems, but getting a few cents or bucks here and there is nice.

Speaking of payouts, here's an easy way to see an indepth look at what going on
Just plug in your user handle using the @ before it @rockymtnbarkee

I've been using for that. Its a quick way to see who is commenting on your posts and replies too. I just need to learn to stop clicking refresh every second.

Lovely photos. I am not surprised, but I didn't know that there was a mouse roulette! Is it in some sort of casino?

It was a discovery I made at the Alaskan State Fair - it was a very popular attraction as you might imagine. More interesting that regular roulette for sure! Thank you for the comment on my work!