What Photography should mean to you, and how to make it work!

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pic 1.jpgPhotography is a box of memories and moments themselves. It is such a powerful idea as it gives you the power to capture special moments that can go on to last a life time or more. In recent times we have seen people show more interest towards photography-either as a hobby or a career. Now, Photography is such an interesting thing to do, as the advancement in technology, and the modern day era offers high tech camera devices, and numerous platforms to showcase your lovely pictures. There is also a market value to photography, in recent times, we have seen several people take up the art as a career, and make steady income off it.
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In case you are looking to delve into photography, there are basic tips that will aid your experience, and guide you through. I will be listing some of them out, but I also want to highlight the essence of Photography- the story. For every picture taking, there should be a story you’re trying to tell, this is not to say you cannot take unserious shots, but if you have it in mind to be a professional photographer, then you must see photography as art. We know how art is, and how it always goes with a meaning and significance, regardless of how complex, distorted or simple it is, it always aligns itself with a story. Pictures should offer that as well, you should always look to capture pure moments, moments you probably will love to reflect on, again and again if you could.
By telling a story through photography, you become a creator, and people can relate to what you do, as you have the space for continuity, within a certain theme.
You must also avoid picking an interest, for just the show off, Photography is certainly not a fashion item, in fact, it highlights fashion as the “item” to be captured. Think about your eyes, and its relevance to you, think about your dependence on it, and then you can merge that relevance to photography. Even through history and time, we can see how pictures, have ushered the present generation a window space, to see and to feel, events and stories from several years ago. So photography should be a journey to you, a road through time. Your own time. Perhaps, people will drive through your eyes, moments and experiences, just by going through your pictures years from now- all I’m trying to say is that photography comes with a responsibility, especially if you want to be serious with it.
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So what are my recommendations??

It is my advice, that you take time out to learn the art, it is a process, but it’s also not a difficult one. You can learn from books, thanks to the internet, you can also watch numerous videos online, but the best bet, is by learning from someone who already knows a thing or two, this is the most practical method to perfect the art itself.
Art is also infinite, it never ends, it molds and remolds itself, it tells stories that come through multiple perspectives- art is timeless. Let your photography be serious in terms of its significance to you, but don’t become all the way “too serious”, you could become a boring photographer. It’s all about the moments, some will be serious moments and some will be quite light and simple moments, you need to always conscious to time, to see, to feel, to realize and to capture- all of this should probably happen in seconds.
So here are a few tips, I hope they help you!!
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  1. Always be in touch with your emotions, while taken pictures, that connection could be the difference between a good and bad shot.
  2. Try to enjoy your photography experience, go to places that interest you, explore concepts that excite you, make “your pictures”. It is contiguous to the singularity of your story. It is your story, it is your experience.
  3. Don’t lose the soul of your photography experience, in your search for money. It is very possible for money to blind your art. It is your career, and it is necessary for you to make money from it, but strike a balance between money and art.
  4. Set goals for yourself, I have seen how ambition can fuel passion. These goals will create a lingering dissatisfaction, just a healthy amount of it that will eventually always propel you to want to keep learning, growing and exploring.
  5. Always look to explore and play with perspective, it is one viable way of setting yourself apart, the ability to be creative, always goes a long way.
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Hi @dumebi, this is a great post for your first post. You give some really great advice here. I have one question - is this your own photography? One way or the other you should always give an image credit/source for every image you use in your posts. If they are your own photography just a note at the bottom that all images are your own is fine. If they are other people's images, it is best practice to give a source (even just the website you copied from if that is all you have and you don't know the original photographer/artist). This is true in general, but I think it would be doubly true for a post about photography! If they are your pictures, great shots! They are beautiful!


Hello @carlgnash Thank you very much for the appreciation, means a lot. I'll definitely take up your advice for future posts. Best regards.