I Love You Truly

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Christmas has always captivated my imagination; as far back as I can remember. My mind and heart are wrapped up in the feeling of love, warmth, and goodwill toward men. It lifts my soul.

Oh, Christmas! I 💖 you!


Holidays embody a time when people make a collective effort to be together. It’s really the tradition of it all, gently tugging at our hearts. A myriad of memories accumulated throughout our lives, just waiting to happen again.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful - Norman Vincent Peale


All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it's just holiday bling.

All, that is gold, does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong, does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost - J. R. R. Tolkien


Here in the glow of these lingering moments before Christmas, I take pleasure in its warmth, savoring the feeling. Amid the glitter, beside the silence of the night, all is calm, all is right- and just like that, it lights up the room in my heart.




Oh, Christmas Tree! Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, thoughts of Christmas drifting in and out. It is that time of year when I want to press the pause button. Stop. Reflect. Maybe even rewind back to the good parts — at home, sweet home.


Christmas has a way of bringing out the musings in me. So many beautiful memories. Still making new ones and recycling the rest. A lifetime of love and joy in my world. And as is always, there must be a flower. I dedicate these flowers to the #WednesdayYellow @ColorChallenge by @Kalemandra, who colors my world every day.

roses 2a.jpg

And just like that, these musings are done, but as far as Christmas? I can guarantee that there is still a little left in my heart. Have a most fabulous day! See you tomorrow!




Thank you for visiting my post 💖 Because of you, I come back to post again and again, I am encouraged by you, for the time you take to visit, comment or even upvote. For all of these reasons, I am eternally grateful. Don't ever forget what a wonderful world we live in, people.Some days, it is not as easy to see, how wonderful it really is. Kindness counts. Wherever you go, whatever you do.

they set my aunts house on fire
i cried the way women on tv do
folding at the middle
like a five pound note.
i called the boy who use to love me
tried to ‘okay’ my voice
i said hello
he said warsan, what’s wrong, what’s happened?

i’ve been praying,
and these are what my prayers look like;
dear god
i come from two countries
one is thirsty
the other is on fire
both need water.

later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered,
"where does it hurt?"
it answered,


warsan shire

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I like your colorful photography and you too.

I do love the glitter! It's a magical thing that even without snow we can still have bright and shiney. And a very full tree! That is just one of the things that makes a happy tree and good memories. What child doesn't love to see a tree packed full of sparklies and home made ornaments? It definitely brings a person back to a much more simpler time of childhood.


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What a beautiful Christmas tree @dswigle :) Makes me smile just looking at it. I would imagine many of those sweet ornaments have a story as well. Christmas evokes so many fond memories doesn't it? Such a special time.

Buen dia,que me alegro al ver sus trabajos madre!,la sutileza,el amor y seleccion de imagenes en cada uno hacen la diferencia,veo que la navidad le alegra mucho, a mi tambien al igual que semana santa,dos fechas sagradas para mi,una el nacimiento y la otra muerte de jesus,las recuerdo con cariño y que hermoso el arbol de navidad,la felicito,el mio desaparecio ya muy viejo y no hubo adornos por ahora,pero vendras mis buenos tiempos otra vez amiga,saludos y Dios la bendiga

Well decorated Christmas tree....enjoy your time . Always ❤ for you .

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I am loving this series of posts you have such ornate and beautiful decorations and you love of the season shines through in each and every post


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And then you have the other side...


What same all flamboyant and beautiful. Already the mood rose.
Thank you for the photos and the positivity, darling Denise.


Wonderful Christmas ornaments!!
Oh, so you live in District of Columbia in USA.
I'm really happy to follow you here in steemit :-) Keep on posting! yours are amazing!

Taking pictures of Christmas decorations looks awesome but really difficult. Great skills there.

Thank you so much. Very kind of you. I hope you have a most wonderful day!

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