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in photography •  6 months ago

Photography is not a job its a passion and that passion which worth millions of dollar. Being a photographer is the world 2nd talent first one is to be happy in nature. Never ever fell guilty for being photographer because only the one who has love and respect to nature can be photographer.





Regard: @dontmiss
cryptotrader and photographer

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Your Photo that you claim to be a photograher ??

Compare to what I found , my source finding


Here, is a link Making a Claim.

I introduce myself on the steemit platform. Myself I'm Sudeshna Lekhnath Baral. I am a photography lover and Crypto trader.

I announce hereby that loving this great platform I will be posting my photography and To some extend crypto news as well..

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Very well said dear ..
Photography is like feelings mixed with photos ..

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very nice looking pic of nature beauty..... @dontmiss

natural is great good post


yes it is.


yes i like it


amazing work

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