#6 Beautiful spring - our garden #2 🌱 🌷 ☀️

in photography •  8 months ago

In our garden there are many flowers and you can find tart cherries, sweet cherries, apple trees, blueberries.
Every morning we drink a green cocktail with curly kale or parsley and sweet fruit.

some information on this topic you can find here:












See you in the next post ✋😊

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These are lovely views, nothing beats the way of nature. keep it up.


Thanks. Yes, nature is the highest energy vibration


You are very right about that

really beautiful scenery. if only I could see it directly.

Awesom shots, see you at the top


Thanks @dobartim, see you at the moon :)

Awesome atmospher at the spring, Very well enjoy the place with the drink Man :)

So pretty! I love Spring because everything is alive!


Yes, I think it's the best time in Europe :)

That was a painting of nature @dominik.homa , being in the home land with a great views and can have organic product of farming fieod is a gift. Have a nice day in australia @dominik.homa


Thanks @stevensontolfree, have a nice day too :) We came back to Europe ;)

Oh my God, your garden is awesome. Pretty nice to tell the truth
That shows how interested you are by nature and is that it is what gives us everything we need to live. Nature is truly worthy of admiration since not only is it incredibly beautiful and diverse, but it also never ceases to amaze us. Its colors, flavors, textures, aromas and sounds are not found in any other planet of our solar system. We are fortunate and we must take every opportunity that life gives us to get closer to it and enjoy it.
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