I found this beautiful road/path into my photos (bonus: random ones)

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

I was looking into my photos searching for something else and i have found these:

[The path/road, in Bran, Brasov, Romania](picture below) [Our heroes, from Stefan cel Mare to Mihai Viteazul and Alexandru Ioan Cuza](picture below) [Our heroes II](picture below) [Bran, Brasov view](picture below) [Bran, Brasov view/ another luminosity](picture below)) [Access denied](picture below) [Access denied closer look](picture below) [Nature after storm](picture below) [Corn in progress...](picture below) [Home view before the rain or after](picture below) [Home view during the rain](picture below) [My eye reflection on the screen](picture below) BONUS[Best natural bed](pictures below)(after i put them i realise both pictures fits perfectly like its one picture )


Great pics , Nice views

Thank you very much Charlie.

I have been in many places in my life, but i wasnt a photo fan at all, for example, i have been in other countries and i dont know if i have over 5 photos. In some places i have none. Savage :)

Until last year when i found the girlfriend with i am now. She does thousands everywhere we go in few days and in some moments i have nothing to do, just photos and i start loving it.

With her i found the positions i sleep in :)) She shows me after i wake up how elastic i am and how its my shape of body in the bed like i have no bones. Sometimes it scares me how im staying or the position of the hands :)

Very nice photos! I love the sunset ones where you are up a little higher. Beautiful area :)

Thank you, im still trying to learn how to use the luminosity better, filters and how to make better photos.

I have seen here some artistic photos that my jaw dropped. :)

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