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We have spent two weeks this winter in a warm Sagres in Algarve region of Portugal. Algarve has a magnificent coastline. Praia do Martinhal was one of the closest to our house, so I had been there several times trying to catch the right conditions. That morning was windy with the lovely clouds and beautiful colors of sunrise.

Photo by Dmytro Korol
Click image to view large

Camera: SONY NEX-6
Lens: Sony E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS
Focal Length: 16.0
Aperture: F16.0
ISO: 100
Other: Luminosity blending, noise reduction stacking


I had spent about 10 minutes in that very spot shooting the waves and waiting for the best one. I have got 60 shots with the different wave patterns and several ones of the sky. I was shooting the waves with exposure of 1/15 s. It helped to capture the movement but keep the texture at the same time. The shadows were slightly underexposed, and I knew I could bring them up in post process, but here comes the noise. To reduce it I decided to use a stacking technique with averaging. I just needed to open several photos (I came up with 10) as the layers in Photoshop and align them. Then keeping my bottom layer with 100% opacity, I had set the upper ones to opacity 100%/N, where N is a number of layer (50%, 33%, 25%, etc.). This simple technique helps to reduce the noise significantly.

The sky was still blown out, but I had several shots at 1/30 s to select from. I picked the best one and blended with the image I got on the previous stage by using luminosity masks.

I wasn't quite happy with the sun though. It decided to rise slightly to the left to my taste of composition. And here I let myself to slightly change the world and move the sun closer to a lighthouse. I know I step into the field of a holy war with this move, but in my opinion, it is ok as far as it is a little intrusion and I always can say: "Hey, it is my art! I can do whatever I want here!" ;)

However, I would know what do YOU think about the boundaries in the landscape photography. What we can or can't change? Do you manipulate your photos? How often?

Behind the scene

Completing this post here is a photo a couple of minutes later. I was trying to save my gear of the biggest wave. I did well, and that time my camera was rescued. Knowing, that my gear isn't weatherproof I have to be extra careful and fast in such the situations.

2017-12-15 10-05-03 - _DSC5941_1000px.jpg

About the place

wikipedia: The Algarve is the southernmost region of continental Portugal. Tourism and related activities are extensive and make up the bulk of the Algarve's summer economy. Although Lisbon surpasses the Algarve in terms of tourism revenue, the Algarve is still, overall, considered to be the biggest and most important Portuguese tourist region, having received an estimated total of 7.1 million tourists in 2017. Its population triples in the peak holiday season thanks to seasonal residents. The Algarve is also increasingly being sought after, mostly by central and northern Europeans, as a permanent place to settle. An American-based study concluded that the Algarve was the world's best place to retire.

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Lovely photo. On the manipulation deal, if you're going for documentary/storytelling/journalism, then certainly no. If you're just making pretty pictures (and there's nothing wrong with that), then I think it can work sometimes, although, if there's something in the frame that's messing with your composition, it may be better to move your camera, but there we are... :) Rock and roll!

Thanks! Absolutely agree with you about moving the camera to get the best possible composition!

Hermoso gracias por dejar ver otros mundos desde tu lente @dmytrokorol.

Killer colors man! Resteemed.

Wow! Thanks guys!

So vivid colors, and the movement of waves that little interfere the sharpness of the rocks, impressive photo. Is that God's finger in picture? Lol.

Thanks! Ha ha, yeah. Just before moving the sun )

Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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Oh God! That looks astonishingly beautiful.
You did a superb job in catching this magnificent glimpse of nature.
Well done.

your photos are great !
Follow you...

Best regards, Jan

Haha! That second shot... Nice save though. Beautiful first photo @dmytrokorol. I personally don't move things like the sun but it doesn't really bother me, especially when photographers disclose it. However, yeah, when entering photo contests with lots of rules or licensing it to editorial publications it gets tricky. I do on occasion photoshop out buoys on lakes when they are off in the distance and look more like dust in the image. And I stitch photos to make panoramics so that is pretty manipulative.

that was awesome images thanks for sharing @dmytrokorol ..

i have no problem with editing stuff, as long as you don't claim that you didn't. it's your work, so you can do what you like. Only part of photography where i would not apply that is photojournalism.
And i do love the second photo, maybe even more then the first :)

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amazing and nice post

Wow what an amazing shot, and the second one!!

Hello and congratulaitons! Your image was just posted as a winning one for the daily 7 World's Continent Photo Challenge. See if you can attend the post and answer some of the congratulation comments for your increased engagement. Thank you and have a great day. Tomas

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Wow! Thanks a lot!

This is such a beautiful picture!

That's looking so lovely.... Wouldn't mind spending a whole day there

Yeah, nice place, but too many wet stones around

Nice photo :)

Just amazing, amazing shot!

Great post, great images, fantastic job!!

Мне очень понравилась фотография, но еще больше ваш рассказ о методике сьемки, условиях и местности. Класс!
Спасибо за качественный контент. Это нельзя оставить без репоста... ;-)

Дякую, Сергію!

Супер! я подписалась. чтобы следить за вами))) Отличный пост).

Дякую, Инно! Намагатимусь тримати рівень )

Це якась суцільна казкова атмосфера. Дуже гарно.

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