Yes it’s great to see more Photographers coming onboard 😎

It is! A few months ago when I posted about such things, I felt so alone. Did you see @juliank's post exposing the cheaters?

Yes I remember that I saw Another one today about plagiarism I forget who it was by but good d to see

Yes I saw Julian’s post he does that weekly I think 🤔

I need to follow him more well there is plenty more I should be doing. Lol! Perhaps the post you saw is the one I added to my post after I edited it? It was in the comments section of @juliank's post.

I saw that one but there was one other ibrem

Nope not that one either lol

I read another one too. Was it about getting paid by steemcleaners for finding stolen images? Corrected him a little on that one, as steemcleaners only care that you have listed a source, and it doesn't matter what the source is! LOL!

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