After 16,265 Miles, I'm Finally Back!

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Good evening everyone!

The last time I posted, I was leaving Alaska to begin the journey of my lifetime. I would be driving from Alaska to California, but instead of going the shortest route, taking only 3,400 miles, I decided to take a few detours, extending it to over 16K miles! In short, we drove from Alaska to Virginia and then back over to the west coast, arriving two months later in California.

Just to share some trip stats: Three of us, my friend Chase, my Fianceé, and I, packed over 400 lbs of supplies into my Honda Civic. We covered 27 states and 3 provinces/territories. Spent 50 days on the road. Burned 488 gallons of gas (ranging in price from $2.25/gal to over $8/gal!) over 16,265 miles. And went through three oil changes and a full set of new tires, plus I will definitely need to replace my shattered windshield at some point!

Anyways, to tell you the truth, I had always wanted to do a cross-country trip like this, but I could not have anticipated even half of what we encountered. Instead of just crossing from one coast to the other, we spanned our nation twice. We ran into traffic jams and stretches of road where we were the only souls for hundreds of miles. We drove on gravel, dirt roads, and even across streams, just as well as paved streets alike. We saw every inch of some small towns, while only seeing a single street of major cities. We traveled by foot, kayak, my car, trains, and buses. There were different animals and people everywhere. We met friends, family, and strangers. We saw tourist sites and secret spots too. It was such an expansive trip, not just of miles, but of experiences as well. I'd definitely do it again, but next time I'll definitely leave out the Yukon! I'll talk about that more in detail in another post for sure.

As for now though, I've just settled into my new home in Malibu, California. My fianceé has gone back home to San Diego and Chase flew back to Alaska. School and getting life sorted out in a new place has kept me quite busy. I'll be sharing more about our trip in the coming weeks as I catch up on edits and find time to balance school and life outside of that. In the meantime, please enjoy the following photos. These are just a few of my favorites from what I have edited thus far. It was certainly a wild ride:

SteemitPost2OCT18 (14 of 20).jpg
Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (19 of 20).jpg
Schafer Road in Canyonlands National Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (10 of 20).jpg
Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (12 of 20).jpg
The International Speedway at the Bonneville Saltflats

SteemitPost2OCT18 (17 of 20).jpg
Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ

SteemitPost2OCT18 (20 of 20).jpg
Great Sand Dunes National Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (16 of 20).jpg
Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ

SteemitPost2OCT18 (13 of 20).jpg
The Grand Tetons

SteemitPost2OCT18 (8 of 20).jpg
Milky Way along the Oregon Coast

SteemitPost2OCT18 (3 of 20).jpg
Bow Lake in Banff National Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (7 of 20).jpg
Ruby Beach

SteemitPost2OCT18 (6 of 20).jpg
A field in Washington

SteemitPost2OCT18 (5 of 20).jpg
Lake Louise in Alberta

SteemitPost2OCT18 (4 of 20).jpg
Moraine Lake in Alberta

SteemitPost2OCT18 (1 of 20).jpg
Kluane Lake in the Yukon Territory

SteemitPost2OCT18 (11 of 20).jpg
Crater Lake National Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (9 of 20).jpg
Redwood National and State Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (15 of 20).jpg
Bryce Canyon National Park

SteemitPost2OCT18 (2 of 20).jpg
The Icefields Parkway in Alberta

SteemitPost2OCT18 (18 of 20).jpg
Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park

I know I kind of just dumped these photos in here and didn't give you the story behind any of them, but that shall come in due time. For now, I was just excited to get these out there and share them with you all. This was the most incredible journey I have ever made and some of my favorite photographs that I've ever taken. I learned a lot from this experience and will always cherish the time I got to spend on the road with some great people, exploring some great places. I have many, many photos from almost every day we were out there. So I hope you enjoyed these and that you will look forward to seeing more. Until then, thanks for reading!



Absolute amazing everything the idea to do that trip and starting from far north. I can imagine how you felt the change of weather. 50 days in total sounds not so many but considering how much emotions and impressions you have had may be that is the trip of your life.

I love your photographs, absolutely astonishing and they would be fitting very well into those calendars with beautiful nature. I love that park: Redwood National and State Park that reminds me Jurassic Park. Thank you for sharing, unique experience!

They actually did film part of the Jurassic Park movies in that park! I took photos in Fern Canyon, which was one of the set locations from the original movies. I absolutely loved that park. There was so much to explore and I had so little time to dedicate there. I'll definitely be going back for more.

Those are some unbelievable pictures. I like to take pictures everywhere I go and I have over 35,000 of my own kids though the years and they are 13 and 14. I only use my camera built into my phone though.

These photos could never be taken with just a phone. I imagine that you have a decent camera and a good eye for what makes a good picture. That Milky Way picture is awesome and is exactly the sort of thing that a camera phone would make look like a bunch of grainy specks with white mixed in it.

I would love to learn how to take pictures like these. It looks like you had quite an adventure too. 14K miles? I've done about 800 miles in a single day, but that was without stopping to take a look around. You looked around and got some great pictures in the process, in addition to any of the fun you had or the experience of the people you met.

Yes, we definitely were fortunate enough to have the time to take our time. We were able to take each day for what it was and explore our surroundings. And thankfully, I do have a pretty good camera and I've been practicing for years now, which gave me the ability to capture these images. Phones have come quite far these days and can be quite impressive, but I'd like to think there is still some magic in owning a dedicated camera and harnessing the skill to use it well.

Agreed that the phones have come a long way, but real cameras still take the best pictures. The whole control of light is so difficult with a phone camera that even taking a picture of the night sky gets completely screwed up by simple moonlight or other light pollution in some areas.

Yup, and controlling the light is enarly everything!

That is what makes or breaks things. This whole auto-iris stuff on digital cameras just make people look like shadows when there is a light background or can make a dark sky full of stars look like a grainy bunch of white blobs. I've been somewhat successful by playing with light settings in order to get a half decent picture of the moon. Otherwise, it would look like I am taking picture of a light bulb that I am staring at.

National Park is so cool. We dont have those cool mountain and park in HK

They are quite awesome. Where I grew up, there was only one park, but it wasn't very grand and the mountains were more like hills. So I was quite excited to be able to see all of these.

Amazing photos. Seems like heaven is right here :-p

Dear Dimitri,
Since Foxes were a tiny furry balls, we had a similar dream to your - to take a trip around the United States and Canada. We really envy you this fantastic trip across the magnificent landscapes. Your photos are very professional and you are receiving a upvote and follow from us. We are hungry for more stories and photos from this trip !
Peace And Love

Thank you so much. Your words are very kind and appreciated. This trip was special to me. To share it and have others enjoy it, only makes it better.

Stunning photos, Dimitri! Definitely waiting to see more of your monster road trip :)

Thank you! I'll be sure to post more soon!!!

Wow! This looks like the trip of your life! I'm so looking forward to you posts and detailed description of the trip! :) How does it feel to be back in 'normal' life? After such an experience, I can imagine it is very different and not easy.

Your photos are brilliant and beautifully edited, the landscape is amazing. Thank you for sharing and hurry up with the next post! :)

Normal life is good, haha. I certainly do miss the freedoms of the road, but having a warm place to sleep every night and a space to call my own is quite nice. Thank you for reading!!

That is so amazing dude! I can imagine how awesome it was and experince you got. I so want to do something like this myself one day. Looking forward to your future posts!

Thank you! Yeah, I told myself for years and years that I would do it. As soon as I found an opportunity, I hopped on it. No way I could let it pass me by!

Killer trip! Much luck and throwing you a vote!

Keep it up man!

Of course man! Loved your pictures!

Great pictures of what seems like a great trip!!!!😉

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Thank you! It sure was. Might I ask you what Partiko is? I see it says that your comment was posted from that application. Is it a Steemit viewer of some sort?

Of course you may ask! ;-)
Is it a steemit viewer? Well, kind of, but it needs some more explanation:
Steemit itself is only a frontend, a dapp on the Steem blockchain. There are several different (and often more userfriendly, depending on what you like) tools or dapps to access the same Steem blockchain. For instance, you can use or as a frontend instead of steemit.
There are also a multitude of other "social media" on the Steem ecosystem, such as, a quora-like app, or BeScouted, some 500px-ish app, or, which is more on article-writing (I have only just found out about that one myself ;-) ), or if you want to earn steem through moving, you should look into Actifit!
As for Partiko, it is a mobile dapp to work on the Steem blockchain. And since I am often on the train and such, I use it pretty often. It works very well too, and is available for both Android and iPhone.

Thank you very much for sharing! I had no idea that there were so many different options/applications. I'll be looking into a few of those for sure!

You're welcome! And maybe we will meet on the other applications too ;-)

Your photos are absolutely amazing! I can't imagine how may places you were able to visit in the span of 50days, it must have been a really thrilling adventure.

Those views fascinating, I can't pick just one to love, I love them all! I love the icefields, crater lake national park, Lake Louise, Bryce canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the great sand dunes, oh, there is milky way too, love all of them! I will so love to read more about your travel adventure, I hope they come soon....

Thank you! Yes, more places than I can count or even remember. Each time I think back to it, I remember little details that I had forgotten among the craze of what our trip became. There were so many beautiful moments.

Wow!! It's amazing really... Thankfully, you have amazing photos to remind you of this adventure when the "brain" doesn't wanna cooperate... 😃

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Thank you very much!

Such an epic trip! Enjoyed following along.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you so much!!!

@dimitri0610 that was awesome, lot of enjoyment happen keep enjoying us to.

Beautiful landscapes! Thanks for the inspiration to explore more of the US.

Now that's an amazing album! Hard to imagine so many amazing natural wonders on the same piece of land. It's certainly a journey of a lifetime and must have been wonderful.

Yes, it is honestly quite astounding. Many people, including myself, dream of traveling to other countries and continents to see great spectacles of nature, when they could simply drive around their home nation to see what it has to offer. I never knew there were so many incredible spots here and I can only imagine what I missed considering I saw just a small portion of it.

what an epic trip! We always wanted to take the trip up to alaska from california haha. I'm so excited to see future posts of your trip! these photos are so epic

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