Diggerduggs drone adventures: Some random shots of some beautiful places in Canada

in #photography5 years ago

Alrighty so as some may know I am getting into some droning and areal footage. Im very new to it and learning a lot about it as the days go on. Here are a couple of shots I've taken on some of the adventures we've been able to sneak in the last two weeks...

Paris, Ontario, Canada

Glen Morris, Ontario, Canada

Websters falls
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Paris, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Websters Falls
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Near GrandBend, Ontario, Canada

Roseville, Ontario, Canada

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

GrandBend, Ontario, Canada

GrandBend, Ontario, Canada

Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Canada

My rig, little dirty but hey, whats a truck if there's no mud and dirt eh...?!
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

North Dumfries, Ontario, Canada

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Go Canada Go, Representing 😄
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Well thanks for taking the time to view my pics and joining in with me on my adventures!

I have tons of video footage as well, but it seems as tho my computer doesn't perform well enough to run the new Adobe Premiere I just purchased due to my graphics card having to have been replaced with a shittier back up one, which wont let me do crazy cool things with the program. So I will have to find another way to make it work 😄

Cheers and happy Steeming everyone!



Love the pictures. Now I gotta go see it!

I better get to working then eh :p

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Pretty amazing pictures. Canada is a beautiful country, thanks for sharing those pictures! I like your truck @OriginalWorks Keep it up :D

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Thanks mate!! I appreciate your checking in here :)

You are welcome buddy. Its always nice to see your posts :D

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Again buddy, you are a super star here!! Thanks for this :D keep on rocking out!!!

There certainly is no place like home, sweet shots man.

Thanks Ed, I appreciate that mate. And agreed, there are some spectacular shots in Southern Ontario, even just outside major cities. I cant wait to go up north for some flying :)

Nice pics dude really like the one with the sunset and pink sky and the one with the white water tower thing . Would be epic if you could hook this up and film yourself snowboarding

I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres a GPS mode on it called active track that not only allows it to follow you, but also start behind and swing aaround to the front, or from one side and pan across to the other side, plus more!! Just gotta figure out how to use those features an wait for full snow... ugh... lol

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