Skyleap Graffiti Contest - Entry 1 from @detlev

in photography •  last year

Hey @skyleap my good old friend, you called for some #art and here we deliver.

Mixed computer and manual art

So I grabbed the original picture and did some modifications. Changed and cleaned the background, some minor manual cleaning and than a overlay filter with the pop art plus some more manual changes.


Enjoy my art and have a great day!

I will made some more as I just have so much fun with this, so stay tuned!

 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

Detlev love steemit

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Du bist ja sogar grafisch begabt!! Sieht echt gut aus.


Dafür habe ich coden vergessen.

This is pop and cool!
Thank you!


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Wow! This is cool!

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