120 Steemians support #BeerSaturday 🍺 within the first 20 weeks of this challenge

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For my speech at the Steemfest, I created this nice graphic and I think it speaks for itself.

120 wonderful steemians

Here you have the 120 steemians who attended within the first 20 weeks of the challenge.

I love statistics if it looks nice.

120 BeerStaurday Steemians.png


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@ninahaskin @nolasco @oaldamster @ogunlaja @oleg326756 @outerground @pele23 @peter-parker @peterxixonex @professorbromide @psywalker @puffin @pusteblume @raymondhvh @rebeccabe @redapple26 @reiseamateur @resorus @rondoncr @rynow @schererf @scooter77 @sevinwilson @shaunf @sione @sisin1234 @skyleap @sokoloffa @southsea @sroka87 @steemerhrn @steevc @tamacvet @thatindianlady @thealliance @thekitchenfairy @travelgirl @txatxy @ulys @uwelang @waiyee422 @yann0975 @zeartul

JOIN this week and WIN

we have this week 20 SBD in the prizes and I look for your Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge post with your cool story and pictures


Enjoy the challenge


 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

Detlev love steemit

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thanks for sharing

thanks for mentioning.

Still my favorite contest/challenge on steemit!!! Cheers! Oh yea hey @detlev what site do you use to make the thumbs up graphic with the names?

You did really great work. I love it and enjoy it so much :-)))) up

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Awesome! Beer Saturday is indeed a great challenge to bond with beer lovers all over the world... 🍻

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Congratulations Detlev! Good to see all the names on there!!


Don't forget "obrigado", @detlev!

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