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Wao very nice flower


Thanks! :)


No need just upvote

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The first one is a stunner! Droplet looks like a pearl. Interesting how a very small detail can add so much.


Thanks! Yes, once I saw this one I quickly shelved all the other photos from this set - that droplet makes all the difference.

oh my my my that's looking mighty good... that first one though!!
It's gonna be a good contest!!

When do these things finalize and get announced? Sometimes steemit is a chaotic place


Thanks! Looks like Friday - not tooo long to wait. :D

Fantastic photography. In the first photo you can really see the movement. Keep up the good work @derekkind :)


Thank you, @oen! :)

All three photos are great, but since you mentioned the droplet i have to say, that for me the droplet is not what I found to be most attractive. For me it is the color and the falling rain in the background what makes the photo so stunning. I try to imagine it without the droplet and I like what is in my mind. But luckily everyone can like a photo for their own reason - just wanted to mention this ;-)


Well that's interesting! The rain was the main effect I was going for when I created this, but the droplet sort of happened and I really liked it. Thank you! :)


Congrats for the 1st prize! Powerful picture, I feel the flower fighting against the rain. For me the droplet is also a nice extra.


Thank you, I like that way of thinking about it. :)

Congratulations on your well-deserved first place win in @jamtaylor's flower contest!

Congratulations on the 1st place! It's a beautiful shot!