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RE: Breakfast at Scripps Pier - Fine Art Landscape Photography 📷

in #photography7 years ago

Excellent photos, especially the first one. Is the photo or your position in relation to the pier making the pier slightly tilted to the right?

Creates a feeling like this little girl is facing some evil magic (ala Alice In Wonderland). It also has a post-Apocalyptic feel to it, because of the empty space and seemingly abandoned and decaying concrete structure.

Here's a tighter (more claustrophobic), perspective distorted shot, to illustrate my point - hope you don't mind I butchered your photo :)



haha. thanks @dek. i take photos of this pier all the time. after a while you start to notice a few things. top of my head, there could be two things in play. the pier is pretty old and is just not perfectly symmetrical. some of the pylons have moved/shifted. So you may see some larger or smaller gaps in between them. Also, i was using a 16mm wide angle. there could be some distortion from that also. i like the idea that it has a post apocalyptic feel to it. i am happy people are enjoying it. Thanks for taking the time and making such a great comment. see ya!

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