Daily Pet Photography: Yay It's Caturday!

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Hi there // Hola <3

Max took his sun bath while I was taking pictures of my plants. I currently have chives and he loves to play with it. It's those out-of-focus green branches you can see next to him. I have lettuce and other beautiful flowering plants <3

Max aprovechó para tomar su baño de sol mientras yo tomaba fotos de mis plantas. Actualmente tengo cebollino y le encanta jugar con él. Son esas ramas verdes desenfocadas que puedes ver a su lado. Tengo lechuga y otras hermosas plantas con flores <3

Of course I also took a picture of Max, he's too handsome not to.

Por supuesto también hice una foto a Max , es demasiado guapo como para no hacerlo.



Thanks for reading <3

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Aww!!!! So cute😍😍 Max....
How inccocent he is looking. So cute pic @dearw.

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Thank you @Karishamasingh711 <3
I'm glad you liked it

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Thnxx to u also @dearw for your appreciation and upvotes.😇😇

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So sweet .. I like the inocent expression in his face ^^ .. I can imagine he can be really naughty from time to time ;)

Yeah, you're right... especially during the night.
Thanks for stopping by!

Such a awesome picture of Max!

Added to http://funnycutecats.com/latest.aspx

Thanks, dear K <3

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