Daytrip At the Posbank In the Netherlands, Photography

in #photography4 years ago

These colorfull lavender has dissapeared, eventually! A couple of months ago I had a day trip with one of my best buddies on this planet doing what we love. A three hour drive took us to the "Posbank" area in the east of the Netherlands. Pink everywhere to be found and I'm missing these colors already.
I also got to test the new lens Nikon 50mm 1.8f hoping there would be foggy conditions.

  1. #Lightroom (notice @guchtere doing the sneaky photobomb)

  2. Waiting...

  3. Lavender

  4. prime in action


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Like so much how you managed to capture the sun rays through he branches of tree. Makes it so magical :)

What photobomb?🤔

Anyway still very thankful for the fun day at the Posbank! Looking forward to our next trip🌃😎

Terrific photos. That first shot, with the sun flaring through the tree is perfect. I especially like the artistic composition of the last image.

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Thanks @momzillanc it wasnt the perfect shot to be honest. When @guchtere stepped out of my shot a horse walked into this photo. Beautiful but it didn't stop to smile.

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