Sail into the Black and White

in photography •  2 years ago 

While out I just had to take my eyes off of the lighthouses from time to time. Why because there was the ocean behind me, and it always presents the perfect shot.

This sailing into the open ocean was all I could think watching this sailboat head out. With a bit a haze in the horizon, it was a perfect setting for a photo that I knew would be a black and white image.


The interesting thing is when people look at my choice to turn an image into black and white; they immediately say that should be in color. Most of the time I will disagree, and this photo is a reason why. In color, with the hazy sky in the horizon, it was flat and really not too interesting. But to me as B&W images it speaks much more to the viewer's eyes.

Many of my followers know I will turn make my photos black and white most of the times. There are so many reasons​ but the one that sums it all up is, why not. Yes that is a simple answer but in reality our eyes and mind always see in color, so why not make the veiwer think more when looking at a B&W image.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of color images too. And if I have an imgage that screams to be in color, I will not second-guess​, it will be in color. But never under estimate that beauty of what a black and white photo can present.

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Great picture! I upvoted it and selected your post as one of the 10 best posts for today. You can read more here

Thank you, @alketcecaj. I found this nice post because of your post. Keep up the good work.

Thank you @sadekj I hope to have to time and continue doing it. I also feel that I'm doing a useful work.

I also feel that I'm doing a useful work.

You definitely are.

Thank you

Ooh I really like what you did here, and the shot. It is so captivating.

Thank you, that means​ a lot.

This one for sure works so beautifully in B&W
Great explanation as well

Sorry upvote is drained at the moment

Thank you. That is why I do percentages at times. Then I can vote more often. Also, ​I do my best to keep my voting power above 80% as much as I can. That way I can​ give more and not get drained.

I do the percentages as well just lost track today 😎

Silly you. 😜

Yeah silly is something I do well

Awesome photo!

Thank you

Very beautiful in black and white.

Thank you, and thanks for the support.

Really like this shot!!

Thank you.