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The first picture in this post was captured on the way up to the Lake Agnes Tea House. It's approximately a 2 hour moderate hike from the Lake Louise shoreline. The Tea House was built in 1901 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, originally as a refuge for hikers.

Sony A77

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Very beautiful pictures ! Amazing nature!


Thank you @picturesofsaab!

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Beautiful pictures my friend @ daveks congratulations for another great material


Thank you @jlufer!

Great shots! We were thinking about taking our RV across Canada next summer. You're pictures are selling it! Thanks!


You won't regret it @tpoh! Alberta and British Columbia are especially beautiful, and then there's eastern Canada..

Great photos. I use to live in the Kootenays and spent many summers in Banff National Park.


We lived there for 5 years, and since moving away usually go back every summer! Thanks @bola

Beautiful photo's! :))


Thanks for sharing :)


Wow is a great way to describe that awesome hike @botonstory!

So beautiful place, I wish to visit one day!


Highly recommended @trueart, you won't be disappointed!