Saskatchewan Sunset

in photography •  2 months ago

A few more captures from the last Saskatchewan Sunset, as always, brought to you by the

Land of Living Skies!



~ Huawei P20 Pro ~





Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos!

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nice warm sunset @daveks. tell its coming to the colder months now but it still looks good :D


Pretty soon the white stuff flies..
Thanks @artonmysleeve

Another amazing photography my friend. I like it... Have a nice day!

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Thank too!

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Nice, I have heard that the image quality on the Huawei P20 was excellent, great to see you've been able to catch such nice sunsets of this quality with it. Well done.


Thank you. I’m glad I chose the Huawei over the S9+. Only problem is I’m using it too much, and ought to be using the A7R III more. It’s always in my pocket!

Super beautiful! Been out sharing the Good News all day! Blessings bro!


Super beautiful!
Been out sharing the Good News
All day! Blessings bro!

                 - mhm-philippines

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