Island Sunset

in photography •  6 months ago


Sometimes you just have to move a few kilometers to feel like you’re on another continent. Other times you just have to open up your mind to realize that you’re exactly where you want to be and it’s so incredibly beautiful, you where just too oblivious to see it before.

Photo taken with iPhone X.

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It is a privilege to be able to find that beauty of landscape a few hours from your residence. Sometimes we do not appreciate what we have and we are always willing to travel far, when sometimes very close to us we can find landscapes like that which take our breath away. regards


It’s definitely a privalage ! Something not to take for granted - which is sometimes easy to do

Another beautiful Island with a gorgeous warm glow of sunset

This is like the most orange sky I have ever seen.
So beautiful.
Thank you for sharing


I enhanced the colors I have t admit, but it was not by a lot, it was truly a stark contrast

like a smouldering ember :)


Right ? It was such a nice Stark contrast that day !

I don't have enough words to describe the beauty of these photos!!
that is great and nice photography.


Thanks a lot !

That's a very healthy exercise, moving at least once a week to a different place (like that) can relax your spirit and mind. And wow :D I can only imagine myself trying to paint those contrasts of yellow and orange in one of my paintings!
Bon voyage traveler @dandesign86


It would probably make a really nice painting !