Windy Day At Port Renfrew Beach - Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

Beautiful sunny day met with a strong winter wind, yet we feel at peace. The beach is the first place we took Jerry after his original adoption, it’s special to all of us for separate reasons.

For Jerry it signifies freedom and fun chasing birds and eating random stuff, at least I’d imagine.

For Mel it’s where she find her random collection of rocks and what ever else stands out to her. Calming to her soul and she feels connected to the environment.

For Me it is a place where things are renewed consistently as if by visiting I am renewed as the waves reshape the shore.

Was a beautiful winter day, a long drive, great eats( you must check out Shirley Delicious on the way ) and a day at our own pace!

Shot And Edited With My IPhone 6s

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Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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What a happy smile Sir/Maam
Have a nice day!

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Thank you my dear, likewise thanks for stopping in 💪

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Such a lovely photo, @d00k13. Came across your post thanks to latest feature by @steemcuration.

Ohhh thank you for stopping in, what is @steemcuration about?

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You are welcome, @d00k13. It's about featuring the best current stories on Steem blockchain.

Well awesome thank you for the support 💪

Keep up the good work, curation ain’t for the lazy 🙏

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Really beautiful mountain s and river view

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As far as the eye can see 💪 but that’s the ocean 😅

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Jerry rocks the red and black plaid - and I love how he plays the alert guardian while his humans gaze cavalierly into the camera.

He does love his jacket 😍 in this shot he is actually sniffing into the wind 😅 it was pushing his ears up as he gets lost in all the smells.

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It seems like I see jerry right in that photo. What is Jerry looking at

He is sniffing into the wind 😅 looking with his nose at everything 👃

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Oh now i can see that

The wind is blowing his ears up 😝😝

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That's sweet pic @d00k13. Who is with you????

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That is my fiancé Melissa ❤️ and of course Jerry my dog!

Thanks for stopping in 💪

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Oooo.... I'm was gussing right. She is soo sweet and you both just look like made for each other.

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Thanks I feel we are also 🥰 been together since high school 😎

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Wow... @d00k13.... You are together from high school.... Great bonding of love. Such strong relations are very few in world.

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