Wow! Yeah, it's getting like that here too. I'm surprised they haven't shut the metro down yet here to be honest. I heard that was a big factor in Italy. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I feel that America is taking a rather poor approach to this so far, and it's also notable the difference of how other countries are responding compared to us. I hope you stay well and feel free to share any updates, would love to hear how things are going over there!

The trains still run in Denmark, but only 50% of what they used to. I just got sent home for the next 2 months (with paid), just to minimize the risk of the spread.
Denmark acted quite quickly to in force rules and such, even tho people are too retarded to take this 100% serious, some still wanna grab a beer in the sun with mates, but the police are giving people fines if they dont take the right messure with 2meters in between and such.

American is done, its gonna set them so far back with the way they are handling this. USA might actually become in a shittier state than Italy is currently :/

I think some nurses and doctors uses the metros to get to work, thats why they aint closed done? I guess.
I hope you are safe and survive this clusterfuck.

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