Daily infrared dose: Las Vegas

in #photography4 years ago

Today I continue my usual posts with some photos from Las Vegas with the number of 15 images again​.

This post I will show some nice pictures from the Strip, and from the famous Fremont street nightlife.

Don't forget if you like the pictures; they uploaded in full size so that you can use them even on a 5K monitor, as a desktop background :)
















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I've always loved that infrared look, but never experimented with it myself. Great shots too. I've another trip to the states planned in a few months but I don't think I'll make it over to the west coast to explore. Another time though for sure!

Great :) Which camera and objective are you using?

I always wanted to go to Las Vegas
I felt that a small part of me traveled to that place with you and I thank you.
Your photos further increased my desire to go and get to know that city. Is it as exciting as painting in movies?
You took very beautiful photos, and you made a great post, very entertaining to read.
Btw I would like very much if you could read some of my posts ... I really put a lot of love and effort into them. I only ask that vote for me if I deserve it, but you would make me incredibly happy if you at least read it!
Receiving your support is like a dream to me
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!