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Nice shot. The moos pictures sometimes can look almost unreal. I have done a similar post here about six month ago. Even made a puzzle of it:

BTW, I am very curious how you came out with so many followers?
Not asking how it is possible to manage even more (111K !) on your own feed ... :)


Making a puzzle out of such a picture is a good idea. This tip has already given me @w74. Maybe the next time I make a puzzle, if I take a macro shot again.

To get that many followers is not as hard as it looks. When you follow many accounts, a lot of them follow back, when there is content they like in your blog. But the trick is not to beg for it.


Thanks for the advice!


It is like that. excellent image quality!


Nifty photo! How does one make a puzzle out of a photo? I'm guessing it's a cryptography puzzle?


Thanks, @cryptoriddler for following me on Steemit. You are my first person who followed me. Appreciate it!

It is like you have just "welcomed me" with open arms. I have followed you back. I guess this is what you are is not too hard as it looks.

Cheers mate!


The moss has great texture. Cool.

Eine überaus gut gelungene Aufnahme. Mich hätte brennend interessiert, was ich geschrieben hätte, laute deine Überschrift in etwa so:
Wo aufgenommen und was glaubt ihr zu sehen? So hast du dem Bild die Spannung genommen, die es in sich birgt. Nochmals: Klasse Aufnahme.
Gruß, Wolfram


Da muss ich dir recht geben, das wäre ein schönes Rätsel geworden. Vielen Dank!

Wow, geniale Aufnahme!
Sieht aus wie ein Foto aus einem mystischen Märchenwald.
Das die Makroaufnahme in einem Blumentopf entstand, hätte ich nie erraten... :-)
Wirklich geile Arbeit @cryptoriddler!
Welches Kamera-Setup hast du dafür verwendet?


Für die Aufnahme habe ich meine Canon EOS700D mit einem Tamron 70-300mm Tele-Macro verwendet.
F/32, 1 Sek., ISO-200, 259mm
Die Beleuchtung erfolgte mittels LED-Taschenlampen.

wow..nice can post this for the photo competition of @kusknee :) this is a very beautiful pic :)

Great shot..This is so pretty I think it's my favorite pot I've ever seen!

Lord of The Rings!

great post

Moss is so intriguing to me. Our woods are filled with many different varieties. I have just started researching how to preserve so I can make a wall box from Moss. Your beautiful post reminded me I need to move that up on my priority list.

Bro i need your upvotes. Keep doing great work.

I love the photo, its colors are beautiful, I congratulate you

That is awesome



Sieht echt super aus

nice shot, i thought your in a forest ..📷📷📷

That's a great shot. It looks like it's just a picture of a forest. Could even be full sized and wouldn't know the difference if you hadn't said anything. Well done!

Beautiful photography thank you for sharing @cryptoriddler

amazing shot. Please visit my blog and upvote me. Thanks

That is a very cool pic. Liked it!

This is stunning! Gorgeous work. I can't wait to show my stuff off.

That’s one good picture. Very beautiful🌳🌱💐

I can smell the earth just looking at this. Thank you @cryptoriddler

Nice composition, quality and light.

I love art. Nice photography!

Hey man I appreciate the follow!

Thanks for following me! I love photography too.. upvoted :)

Super Geniaall. saludos :)

Hey there,

Great picture!

Can you check out my blog & upvote or follow?

Would loooooooooooooove it! <3


Great picture, thanks for sharing!;0)

beautyful click

I like this phto.Thank for sharing.Please visit me;sir.

Sometimes I worry a bunch of moss is going to eat me. I'll be eating a bowl of cereal or something, when all of a sudden, BAM, I realize if I can eat this cereal, what's to stop the moss eating me? Nothing. I don't know, it could happen. Not all phobias are logical... Moss is terrifying.

Beautiful! Love the rendering of the green. Nature is a beauty itself.

How amazing pict !!

O love this kind of natural photography. And also like yhese kind of awsome posts.,
This Photography is natural. Amazing

Great shot. Reminds me of Avatar!

Thanks for the follow! Beautiful Photo!

It looks like a scene from Avatar! So cool

Lovely photo. Thanks for the follow!

nice photography pal

nice shoot

I love this one too! Almost looks like an alien world! 👽

Woow , it's so cool , nice HD , i like it

Beautiful shot! The colors are so vibrant I enjoy this quite alot!

looks mysterios flowers~!

What a picture!!! just amazing....

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A miniature wonderland!

I'm feeling its power of naturality. Thanks for being real.

I am biologist and science teacher, I have to admit that was good picture and I am pretty sure its quite hard to get this phase on moss. Thumbs up!

Pretty good photo. I had a dslr but got rid of it because it was confusing but i can appreciate the craft of photography. It is definitely a skill. Not just point and shoot.


Thank you. With current DSLRs you can get in automatic mode quite good shots out. But in manual mode, you can get a lot more out of the motiv.


Yeah i found that auto mode the quality wasn't what I was looking for. I beleive the lens was not for what I was using it for.

Great 👏👏

what a shot...well u know the art of taking pictures of nature.

Wao wonderfull picture you will capture

It is incredible how technology can bring out the best of nature....:)

The greens are very beautiful. Bravo

Wow! This is a great shot you have posted and it gave a cool, artsy vibe (I am amazed, who knew a moss can be really beautiful haha). I really like it! Looking forward to more photos from you.


Hi, cool picture! If you are Swiss or Switzerland based, maybe you want to consider joining the Swiss community discourd group: keep posting. I love your pictures!

the picture is very good

What a beautiful moss flowers!
Superb creativity of nature!

What a Master Piece of mother nature , good thing it"s been taken by a Master photographer #lookafterourworld

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echt cool wie so ein "einfaches" foto so spannend sein kann :)

who knew something so small could be such an impressive photo. keep up the great pictures

Please recommend

it was wonderful to see it

Hey @cryptoriddler, thanks for the nice photo! Where was this taken? I'ts a beautifull area where I also have to go once!



This area is called flower pot, has an area of ​​about 0.05m² and is located on my terrace ;)

Looks very fresh and alive

Wao so beautiful post

wow great shot. nice pic


Nice pics. So lovely

Geniale Aufnahmen die du hier hast! Echt, der Hammer.
Folge dir nun und werde mir gerne deine Bilder anschauen!

Ich bin demnächst auch im Besitz von besserem Equipment, womit man mit dem gewissen Geschick und Können, auch solche Bilder zaubern kann.

Meine jetzigen Bilder entstehen (noch) mit einem Huawei P9.. Insofern wird der Sprung auf eine Canon natürlich andere Ergebnisse erzielen!

IMG_20170828_192105 - Kopie.jpg


This capture is amazing .


You are highly welcomed


The first nature of morning


Amazing sunset !

excellent photo🙂 loving it

Nice shot! I love photographing moss.

Wow it's amazon pic.
While watching in zooom it's look amze

This is what I'm talking about! Photography at it's best! Keep the love coming. Simple things in life that make you happy! Thanks for sharing!

Das ist es worüber ich rede! Fotografie vom Feinsten! Lass die Liebe kommen. Einfache Dinge im Leben, die dich glücklich machen! Danke für das Teilen!

Beautiful! Kinda looks like a swamp from millions of years ago :)

A nice shot, so superb and colourful.

very cool picture

Sehr schöne Aufnahme.

Looks like what the Bible calls the valley of shadow of death.

The vibrant greens in this photo are unreal. I need to learn how to do this with my camera!

i like it

Awesome shot! I love moss, especially this time of year. Reminds me of home!

What a nice picture I love macro photography

Wowww Incredible

OMG, I want to live there! Can I, can I?

I saw micro shot of moss for the first time. Unbelievable!

Greetings.Beauty creation😊. @karlita