I can smell SNOW

in photography •  3 years ago 

The weather has changed drastically in the last few days. 

There are vestiges of autumn stubbornly clinging to trees.

The snow IS coming!!

I can smell it.  

Photo Source - @countrygirl

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Thanks for noticing??

Snow's already fallen in Toronto, Canada. Unlike the usual first-snow of the season, it's stuck around for a few days.

I'm in the GTA too and we had some flurries where I am, but nothing on the ground yet....it's coming....the clouds are heavy and it is freezing here.

Okay. Where I am, it means more snow's coming. There's still a wee bit left on the ground, mostly in shaded areas, where I am.

We had snow two weeks ago in Scotland! It reads weird as the yes were still doing their autumn thing and then bang, snow all over the place!

The weather changes are crazy all over the world. I didn't know it snowed in Scotland....I thought you got mostly rain. Shows what I don't know.

Lol, well you were mostly right. It rains most of the year except for winter in December and January it wobbles between rain and snow. It's minus 2 degrees just now!

My knee starts to really hurt when snow is coming

Oh, geez. Nothing worse than achey joints.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It's best if it never snows again lol

Well, I hope there is snow this year, seems still a bit to warm here, and we get snow about every 4 years. Lets hope for a nice snow fall.

We haven't had too much snow here either in the last few years....I think even Christmas was green. I think this year will be different....I can SMELL it. :)

the squirrels and chipmunks are hiding, and the light has changed. The sky is darker and more solemn. It's also getting very quiet here in my Victorian village

Soon it will be white, everywhere.

Those winter storms do smell different. Stay warm and cozy - and get ready to feed the birds!

They do smell different, don't they? I have the fire on right now....just let the dog out and notice the mist on the grass was glittering....it's turned to ice.....looks pretty. If I wasn't so tired, I'd get my camera out ....but....too tired. Thanks for stopping by.

A fire is great for that kind of night!

Beautiful pictures! I like to see snow once, but there is no snow in my country, Thailand!

You have to be happy to see it in pictures. :) Maybe one day you'll be able to experience it. Thailand....now there is a tropical island. Must be beautiful there. Thanks for you comments about the pictures.

Yes, I am certainly happy to see snow in the pictures and look forward to your snow pictures with pleasure! And I hope to experience it one day! ^^
Thailand is beautiful as a tropical country and you are always welcome to visit.
Thank your very much for your nice comment.

I used to smell snow...then I moved to Florida. Ahhhh.... XD

You know Florida is my second home? Yup....Homes Beach - Anna Maria Island..very special there for me. I think I would definitely miss snow....I don't know many people who can actually smell the snow before it snows....I can. It's sort of a metal fresh cold smell....I should come up with a word. I see dead people too.....lol

I'm in Hernando County. It reminds me of my hometown in NY about 20 years ago. We've got farm land and cattle, trees and hills! There is definitely a smell to it but it really is hard to describe. I also dream about snow, but I also have a little bit of synesthesia so maybe I "see" it falling before it actually does. I can usually tell when it's about to storm because I feel the air pressure changes in my head. And I believe you about the dead people! LOL

Is that synesthesia the same as a migraine aura but you get a snowflake aura? hehe....I get "phantom" smells so it's no surprise that I smell snow when no one else does. Oh our lives can be so interestingly mundane. I looked up where Hernando County is....just a hop skip and a two hour drive south to Holmes Beach for you. Not biggie.

People look at me sideways when I tell them I see sounds. LOL It's when your senses get mixed up in translation sometimes. So, yes, perhaps you smelling snow is a form of it! :)

Okay, you're south of Tampa. That's not a bad drive, though I haven't been south of Pasco Co. since I've lived here. LOL I've been trying to get my butt to New Port Richey for a NaNoWriMo write-in and can't seem to manage my schedule well enough! One day I will escape this county and travel my new home state more thoroughly. :)

I'm down south in southeastern North Carolina and it was a chilly 45 degrees this morning. Froze my butt off on a windy ferry ride back from Fort Fisher late this afternnon!

I love that temperature! Sweater weather and the wind and the water and I am in heaven....well maybe not heaven heaven, but .... I'm going to look and see what photos you've posted today.