[Seven Day Black & White Challenge] - Day #2 - How I Start My Day Every Day as a Professional Coffee Drinker

Today was easy.

My S was right yesterday - I might indeed find something worth taking a picture of every day. Even my wannabe-artist C had fun taking these photos this morning.

(If you don't know what S's and C's I'm talking about, I'm afraid you're going to have to read the introductory post to my 7-Day-B&W-Challenge of yesterday, where I explained that I am a C/S on the DiSC personality type model.)

So this is my delicious espresso of this morning, in the coffee place right opposite my house.



I start my day over there every day, unless I have appointments in the mornings.

I usually take a newspaper and pretend to read it, but really I only look at the headlines on every page in order to feel informed.

But often, what happens is that I read a specific word, which connects with a pre-existing thought in my mind and suddenly whole blogposts or newsletters or course lessons form in my mind, and I quickly take out my mobile phone, open Evernote and start typing away. This makes my C, the writer, very happy!

I can be a very productive coffee drinker!

At least when I'm sitting there by myself. But of course often a neighbor walks in and we have a nice chat. And sometimes, just after they left, the next one walks in and we have a nice chat. And then the next. My social S will drop everything and always prioritise people over tasks. And so I end up staying there until 11am or even 1pm (like yesterday...)

And every morning I see the same café dwellers sitting at the other tables, reading their newspapers, and I wonder, "Don't they have to work?"

And then I realize they probably think the same thing about me...


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Day #1 - Alice in Wonderland & Psychology Crash Course


Really good job man carry on thanks

Like something said a lot of things. There are a lot of things to understand. There are so many things to learn. Thank you for sharing some important things with us.

How was your espresso? do you know what coffee they used for it?

They use the best coffee and make the best espresso ;)

I don't know that brand ;)

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