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I was hiking in the rain forests of Indiana when I happened upon this somewhat perplexing sight. Needless to say I was very, very quiet and backed away rather slowly. I've since sworn off eating any mushrooms I find in the woods. . .


This is actually a good example of what happens when I have too much coffee and no clue what I'm doing in photoshop and decide to 'experiment'. I made this years ago and still haven't figured out why (if any of y'all figure it out, please let me know!). Life has interfered with my Steemit time as of late but I wanted to post a little something just to say howdy and that I haven't pulled a Sir Robin and ran away. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

(Unnecessary mention of @monochromes #monomad, howdy @brumest & @blacklux!)


haha! Howdy from Texas sir coloneljethro! I like it, I think it's an inspired piece of artwork. Inspired by what, who knows but it's cool. I lived in Bluffton, Indiana for a few years up by Fort Wayne, are you anywhere near there?

You definitively had too much coffee cause this is not a monochromes pic and that is clearly a mutant trying to destroy the moon! ahahahah

It probably doesn't matter WHY you made it. I'm glad you did! It's very funny, Brave Sir Robin.

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